Sam’s Club Cashier Thought Dirty Secret Was Safe. Then She Makes A Mistake, Pays The Price

Updated May 18, 2017

Nowadays it’s easy to get distracted. People are constantly on their cell phones and tend to miss things that are right in front of them because they are too busy being tuned into the latest and greatest on social media or they are catching up with a friend via text or Facetime. You see it everywhere…in restaurants, on trains and buses, and even while people are walking on sidewalks or in parks. In some cases, it can be dangerous for us to be so consumed by technology, and other times we simply miss some very big things. One cashier at a Sam’s Club in Missouri was caught taking advantage of customers while they were distracted with either their cell phones, their purses, or their children.

Jalissa Brandon managed to get away with stealing customers’ credit card information right in front of them, as she was checking them out at her cash register. The young girl was caught on camera giving customers back cards that were not theirs and instead cards that were fraudulent in nature. And all of this happened just inches in front of the customer, as she would wait until they customers were distracted with their purchases or busy tending to something else while waiting for the purchase to ring up. One time she was even caught slipping a customer’s credit card into her shoe. The camera caught her hunched over, and the store manager soon learned that she was hiding the cards in her shoes and as soon as she got off shift, she would go next door to Walmart and make hefty purchases with the card. After an investigation was launched, customers started coming out to claim that they had fraudulent charges at Walmart.

Unfortunately, Brandon got away with this crime for months before she was discovered. She racked up a whole lot of purchases in the time that her crime went unnoticed.

Sadly, in the past five years, 46% of Americans have been victims of credit card fraud, and most of these incidents have occurred due to the credit card owner’s carelessness and distraction. Some other incidents that have occurred due to carelessness are the improper handling of credit card statements. Instead of shredding their information, credit card owners have become victims of fraud after they have carelessly tossed out their statements in the mail. Also, with the upswing of online shopping, it is much easier for thieves to gain access to credit card information which can lead to a lot of financial damage. Doing something as simple as leaving your Smartphone unlocked, can allow for easy access for a customer.

Commenters shared the following thoughts on this criminal’s behavior…

“Her selfish crime is indicative of her entitlement and feeling she doesn’t need to work for anything she wants when she can just take it from others who have earned it.”

“She was taught to be a thief somewhere along the lines in her life. I hope she never works or gets welfare for the rest of her days on earth! A crook.”