Second Graders Write Teacher Inappropriate Notes After Father Dies, Has Him In Stitches [video]

Updated March 24, 2017

Leave it to a group of 8-year-olds to transform one of life’s worst tragedies into a comedy. After their second grade teacher’s father died, Mrs. Hunziker’s students offered to write letters to her offering their sympathy.

But their condolences, while well-intentioned, were very inappropriate. Fortunately, Hunziker’s son, Matt Hunziker and his New York City-based comedy group Wolf Spirit offered to help turn the cards into something funny.

Because Wolf Spirit offered to read the second-grade condolences on YouTube, their comedy bit quickly took off and went viral. Check out what they did in the video clip below!

“Just because someone dies doesn’t mean you can’t have fun,” Matt Hunziker says as he opens up the video. “Today, we’re doing show-and-tell dead grandpa card edition.”

The video was uploaded on March 6 and accompanied with the following description: “When Matt’s grandfather died, his mother received sympathy cards from her second grade students. These are 100% real and walk a fine line between morbid and adorable in that way only a kid can get away with. Matt thought they would be perfect for a game of show and tell with Keele.”

The first card Matt reads said, “I am sorry for your dad who died. At least you have a mom.”

The second card reads, “Dear Mrs. H. I’m sorry that your father died and I hope your mom does not die. And I hope you’re peppy.”

Peppy was a vocabulary word from that week.

Although some viewers think that what Hunziker did with the cards is heartless, many people found it funny. InsideEdition picked up his story and asked him for an interview.

“When my mother received the cards, we went through them and were simultaneously touched by them, and nearly in tears from laughing,” he told “The great thing with kids is they aren’t programmed with the same social norms we are as adults, so their reactions are unfiltered and genuine.”

Besides reading the letters on the YouTube channel, they also showed the accompanying illustrations.

“I assumed there would be some people who would find it distasteful because adults get really weird on the subject of death. That’s part of the reason I really loved the reactions from the kids,” Matt said. “It was refreshing among all the usual, morbid funeral proceedings to have a bit of lightheartedness thrown into the mix.”

While Mrs. H. is sad that her father passed, she couldn’t have been happier that her students wrote her loving sympathy cards. She said:

“As an elementary school teacher for 29 years, I have always had the pleasure of seeing how genuine, kind, and hilariously honest children can be. It is also the best and most fitting tribute to my father.”

Check out the comedy bit below. If you’re uncomfortable with death, as most people are, you’ll probably feel the same as Christina Levine who wrote: “Not funny. These kids tried to express their sympathy. How would you have done as a 7 yr old?”

What is your opinion? Is it over the line or is it funny?

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