Security Camera Films Vile Act In Broad Daylight, Leaves Cops And Residents Seething

Updated September 13, 2017

Although video of looters breaking into shoe stores in Fort Lauderdale, Florida have been posted online,  many crime videos have come out of Houston in the wake of Hurricane Harvey – but nothing like this one. In the clip below, you’ll see the terrifying moment a violent criminal drags a woman from her car and pulls her by her purse while her husband watches on it shock. And only when the woman lets go, does the aggressive thief stop their assault. The Houston Police Department have been working overtime as they deal with the fallout of the devastating hurricane. And in their report on this crime, they said the woman was entering her car when the purse thief snatched her bag and pulled her from the vehicle in the HEB parking lot. Check out the shocking footage below!

Watch the clip and see the woman get pulled from her vehicle while her husband was pushing away their shopping cart. The criminal’s car, a gray SUV with paper plates, pulls up behind the victim and then assaults her for the contents of her purse.

The suspect has a medium build and is between the age of 20 and 29. And the Houston Police are in hot pursuit of him.

Surveillance footage captured the terrifying moment. Because Houston is in recovery from the devastating storm, the thieves and criminals are taking advantage of the city’s vulnerability. They are targeting susceptible victims like women and elderly people in their violent crimes.

In this particular instance, the criminal jumps out of the gray SUV and then approaches the woman who is seated in her car. He then grabs her purse and pulls as hard as he can. This violence drags the woman out of her car, knocking her to the parking lot floor before he drags her across it in his desperate attempt to steal.

Only when the woman lets go of the purse, does the criminal leave the scene. He jumps back into his accomplice’s getaway car and they speed off leaving the victim on the ground, injured.

The criminal was wearing black shorts and a black shirt when he violently stole the woman’s purse. Police need the public’s help in identifying the man. They are overwhelmed with all the criminal activity sweeping across Houston in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.

Although the woman was dragged across the ground, it is unclear if the criminal seriously injured her or not. It was unreported if she had to be rushed to the hospital to be treated for minor injuries.

According to the Houston Police Robbery page on YouTube:

“A gray SUV with paper plates pulled up behind the complainant’s vehicle and a black or Hispanic male exited the vehicle and approached the female complainant on the passenger side while her husband was returning the shopping cart. The male suspect then forcibly grabbed her purse, and dragged her on the ground before she let go. The suspect then got into the SUV and fled the scene.”

Do you think crime rates go up after storms?