See What Happens When These Drunk Tourists Decide To Go Over The Safety Barrier At A Waterfall

Updated August 8, 2017

When people travel to new destinations they tend to indulge on food and booze. And while this is fine and dandy if done with caution and in moderation, overindulging can lead to accidents. Often times people are trying out new things when they go on vacation, and this experimenting coupled with drinking alcohol can be a lethal combo.

Two men who were visiting Amboli India came to their untimely death while drinking a little too much while messing around on a bridge. At first, it was thought that Imran Gardi and Prasad Rathod had gone missing from Kavalesad Point while they were visiting the location with some colleagues they worked with at a poultry farm in Gadinglaj. But, some disturbing footage surfaced, capturing the two of them being filmed as they played around on a hill station that sits at an altitude of 690 m. It is the last hill station before the coastal highlands of Goa.

In the video, you can see them laughing and sloppily climbing from one side of the railing over to the other. The tourists who are filming can also be heard laughing as they film the two. At one point one of the men pushes the other one into the water that is just below them, and it appears like they are having some harmless fun. And then the two of them decide to climb over to the side of the railing that overlooks the Indian waterfall. It’s quite shocking to see as one falls off immediately after the other. Rathod loses his balance and Gardi grabs for his hand to help him out but he ends up going down with him.

And then the camera just looks down at the ground as the colleagues are clearly in shock. The laughing immediately stops in the chilling video which has gone viral.

Gardi was 25 and Rathod was 21. Their colleagues had thought they were missing and the owner of the poultry farm, Dayanand Patil, filed a missing complaint with the Amboli police Monday and the video surfaced not long after.

Commenters shared their opinions on the men’s’ poor choice to drink and play around in such a dangerous location…

Why can’t people just have a healthy relationship with alcohol and drink in a pub with friends and then put the bottle down?

Several made light of the tragic situation…

“And the moral of the story is Don’t drink and dive! “Never drink & dive!

“Never drink & dive!”

Unfortunately, these two ended up being a lesson for others. Don’t drink before spending time on a bridge because the loss of those inhibitions can send you over the edge. In some sense, it’s good that the tourists captured the frightening moment on film, otherwise their families and friends would never find out what truly happened to them. Once again, technology saves the day, however; the tourists who had to witness the event will probably be slightly scarred by it, but it just goes to show you that some things are meant to be and the tourists who were filming were at the right place at the right and wrong time.