See What Surprise Their Parents Brought Home That Moved These Sisters To Tears

Updated August 7, 2017

When Kasi and Shane Pruitt came home with a life-changing surprise, their girls could not contain their excitement. It was the kind of surprise that the girls didn’t expect and would forever change the way they think of themselves and their family. While getting a puppy or a kitten can make a huge change on a family’s lifestyle, what the Pruitts did was much bigger than that. In the video below, you’ll be able to see the daughters’ reaction as they meet their new adopted sister for the first time. And the way they respond will melt your heart.

The Pruitts were surprised when the adoption process was much faster than they ever imagined. Before they knew it, they had a new baby girl to welcome into their family. Because they were not prepare or ready for the speed of the adoption process, they never got around to telling their family of four children.

So, when they were bringing the baby home, they figured that would be the best time to welcome the child into the family.

11-year-old Raygen, the eldest Pruitt girl, was overwhelmed. She burst into tears when she saw the new adopted baby. She was not ready to see her parents walk into the kitchen with an infant in their arms. It just was not something she was prepared for – and few people are.

Meanwhile, their 6-year-old daughter, Harper, couldn’t hide her shock. “Are you kidding me?” she exclaims when she sees the infant in her parents’ arms.

The Texas couple from Rowlett shocked their family with the quick adoption of a new child.

When the daughters first see the baby, they’re jumping up and down. That happens right before Raygen bursts into tears of joy and gratitude for the new sister she can welcome into the family.

“You’re gonna make me cry,” Kasi, the mother, told her daughters.

Kasi and Shane, who is the Director of Missions at Southern Baptists of Texas Convention, received the call about their newest daughter on July 25. Because it was happening so fast, they decided to keep it a surprise and shock their family.

“We met with our lawyer and the birth mom at 8 a.m. [the day after the birth,]” Shane revealed to Inside Edition. “It was very fast and we didn’t have a chance to talk to our kids about it.”

The surprise adoption was the last thing the Pruitt girls were expecting when their parents walked into the kitchen holding a newborn.

“They didn’t know we went to go pick her up. They didn’t know anything about her.”

The Pruitts have two biological daughters and two adoptive son just added their fifth child to the family. They said their daughter’s reactions were “very fitting to their personalities.”

“It just blessed our heart and made us feel blessed as parents, to not only see our family grow but it also blessed us to see our older children respond in that way,” Pruitt said. “To see their love… it felt like we were doing something right.”

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