See The Meal Donald Trump Requested After Winning The Republican Nomination

Updated May 27, 2016

Following the presidential candidates as they sweep across the country winning delegates and nominations is a good thing to do to stay on top of what is happening.

Recently, as of Thursday, Donald Trump has secured enough delegate votes to secure the Republican nomination and make way for a fire fueled Fall campaign.

Of course with such a victory, there must be celebration!  You will probably picture Donald Trump sitting in a fancy restaurant with his advisers or family, eating a lavish meal with white glove treatment, however that is certainly not what Mr. Trump had in mind.

Trump decided to go to McDonald’s takeout, and order a burger, fries, and a diet coke before making way to his private plane to enjoy his meal.


Trump says that he was honored by the support that delegates are giving him, and commented that, “They had such great sense!”.

Trump posted a that picture of himself on his plane and captioned it, “celebrating 1237”, which represents the number of delegates he now has supporting him at the Cleveland convention.
Now it is on to the fall, where Trump will face Hilary Clinton, and the battle will be heated.

This is John Trandem, the last delegate needed to put Trump on for the final round, who hope he will help him and his small business based in North Dakota.

If you want to learn more about Trump’s victory at the Cleveland convention, you can read more here, and let us know what meal you would want to celebrate with if you won something big like a nomination in the comments below!