Seven Girls Walk On Stage Dressed In Weird Outfits, Performance Quickly Makes Them Famous

Updated November 13, 2017

When seven young ladies took the stage, no one knew what to expect. As they had rehearsed their talent act for the church show, they had refused to tell anyone, even their best friends, what they were planning on doing. It was challenging to keep their activities a secret. People kept trying to peer into windows and look under door cracks to see what the seven young ladies were up to, but they managed to keep it all under wraps until the big reveal at the church talent show.

When they got on stage to perform, they blew away the audience with their mesmerizing optical-illusion stage show.

The girls wore black and white mismatched outfits. And at first, it looked like they didn’t know what they were doing. Shouldn’t some girls be in all white and others in all black? The audience was confused.

But as the seven young ladies line up on the stage, the church congregation gasped.

While the outfits alone took a lot of creativity to craft, that paled in comparison to the choreography the girls’ worked up. As the music played, they moved in unison to the beat only to mesmerize the crowd with their unique display – they were a moving-and-breathing optical illusion. It was utterly unique.

Because of their confusing outfits, you can’t tell whose leg is whose. And the girls play that fact up as much as possible. With jumps and catwalking, they keep the audience on their toes. And their church congregation will never forget the days when these seven teens took the talent show stage to blow them all away.

Optical illusions have been all the rage over the past few years. But these dancers took it to the next level with their costumes and working in unison.

Millions of people have viewed the video on YouTube. Hundreds have shared comments, including the following ones from viewers like you:

“I liked the video at 0:18 as soon as I noticed it was going to have ‘eye of the Tiger.’”

“I do believe I’ve seen everything now.”

“Saw the first 10 seconds on another site and was like ‘They’ve got to be LDS,’ so I tracked down the original and sure enough lol. The culture rings through.”

“There are BLACK CURTAINS IN THE BACKGROUND, AND YOU GUYS ARE DOING AN optical illusion with black pants (white ones as well, but at least you can see the white.) I cannot even really see what the black legs are doing. Great job.”

Some people did not find the dancing to be high quality.

“If you squint your eyes you can kind of see what’s the ‘illusion’ but even then it’s still not that good?… I don’t understand what the person on the far left is supposed to be.”

“The black mixed with e backdrop and didn’t really look like another set of legs. Maybe blue or red. And you could wear face makeup to eliminate the faces and attach manikin heads to the shoulders.”

What do you think about this optical illusion dance? Should these girls take it onto America’s Got Talent?