She Begs For The Massive Ship To Blow Its Horn, Her Reaction Has Us Crying From Laughter

Updated October 12, 2017

You need to be careful what you wish for. This euphemism has stood the test of time because it is true. While we might think we know what is best for us and what we want, unless we see the entire picture we could be stepping into a world of hurt. Or simply biting off more than we can chew. It is impossible for us to know all the variables that could occur with each scenario in our lives. And even if we do our best to plan out all the details, we could still end up shocked in the end. While the little girl didn’t think about the future at all, she just wanted to have some fun with the passing ship. But little did little Vilma from Sweden know, but those huge ships come with some massive and loud horns. So when she stands on the dock begging for the captain to blow the horn, she is in for a surprise when he obliges her wish.

Mom or whoever was filming the moment included below was probably so excited to catch Vilma’s reaction. They must have known that the ship would be super loud when it blasted its horn. And it was.

But before the horn blasted her with its loudness, Vilma stood on the dock waving to the captain begging him to pull the cord and sound the horn. She is so excited and eager. And her anticipation is adorable.

She was enthralled that she had the chance to see the huge ship in the Swedish port. And she just wanted to be blessed with the opportunity to get bathed in the loud horn from the ship.

Vilma stands there on the dock and keeps pulling on an imaginary rope. The universal hand gesture signifies the driver or the captain to pull the rope and sound the horn. Children do this gesture with truck drivers just as they do it with boats.

As Vilma pulls on the imaginary rope, she also mouths “toot toot” thinking the horn will be a gentle, kind sound.

Although the captain doesn’t sound the horn as of yet, she keeps going at the gesture. She is determined to hear the sound that she has wished to hear since she got on that pier and saw the boats in the water.

Finally the ship obliges Vilma’s passionate wish. The captain blasts out a few long and loud honks. And this takes Vilma by utter surprise. She was not prepared to be blasted with a swath of sound like that.

This clip was uploaded to YouTube about five years ago and has gotten millions of views since then. And there are some popular comments shared, including the following from viewers like you.

“The girl must’ve startled that poor ship.”

“I expected it to just never honk and I would waste 30 seconds of my life.”

Did you ever have a funny moment like this as a child?

Check out the footage below. But be careful if you’re wearing headphones. It is very loud.