She Begs Her Friend To Film Her, Never Imagined It Would End In Her Getting 15 Minutes Of Fame

Updated September 12, 2017

Have you even wondered how fun it would be to sled down a sand dune? The answer is, it’s pretty fun, but realize there is always a chance for a spill.

Sand sledding is definitely a wild ride, with the occasional unpleasant wipeout, as this girl found out. Most would agree, however, that the chance of wiping out is slim and taking the risk for a smooth ride down a sandy slope without the need to bundle up on a winter sledding expedition is well worth it.

The video of this girl going for a sledding trip down a giant dune begins with her grinning a huge smile before she sets off on her sled. We’re guessing she’s not smiling so much by the time she reaches the bottom, however.

She slides down pretty effortlessly – and so fast! Near the bottom of her trip down, however, things go from happy to sad pretty quickly as the girl gets a bit tripped up and tumbles down the dune after her sled in a cloud of dust.

The man filming the dune sledding adventure is heard saying, “Are you okay?”

Those weighing in with comments on the Daily Mail‘s coverage of the video were pretty entertained, with one person noting: “Oh wow… I can’t stop laughing. Poor thing hopefully she mustered for another correctly done go because it looks fun.”

Others joked: “Hope she closed her mouth and eyes,” “Remember if you slide down sand, it takes true grit” and “Yup, that’s gonna leave a mark.”

Another commenter suggested this is where she may have gone wrong: “oh it looks like she was putting too much weight on the nose, and made it dig.”

This commenter tried to identify the giant sand dune, noting, “Looks like sleeping bear dunes in northern Michigan.”

Dune sledding is a popular activity, with people finding it great fun when there’s a lack of the typical winter snow sledding. Those adventurous enough to try it find that it’s a smooth ride, and use a variety of sleds, whether it’s those designed for snow or something simple fashioned out of cardboard.

Those looking to up their skill level a bit on the dunes might consider sandboarding, which requires a person to stand on a board, much like snowboarding, maintaining their balance and control all the way down.

The National Park Service offers some dos and don’ts on their website page dedicated to sandboarding and sand sledding at Great Sand Dunes, including:

“Yes: Sandboards and sand sleds are specifically made for sand, featuring a special design with extra slick base material and special wax; these work best for sliding in most conditions.
No: Snow sleds, snowboards and skis only slide on very wet sand after rain or snow. The sand surface is usually dry.”

They also advise against “cardboard, saucers, and soft plastic items,” saying “they will dig into or drag on the sand” and caution that “rectangles of rigid, ultra-slick plastic or masonite might slide, but are not safe: there is no way to control or steer them, and their angled edges could cause injuries.”