She Bought This Wood Box At The Salvation Army. What She Finds When She Finally Opens It? HORRIFYING

Updated March 10, 2016

An unsuspecting thrift store shopper, discovered a startling surprise when she opened up the box she bought from the Bellevue Salvation Army in Nebraska.

Inside she found it filled with the ashes of the deceased.

On Monday, Marlene Moore bought the wooden box from the charity. She noticed that it was indeed heavy when she picked it up but thought nothing of it.

When she finally got the box open, she realized that it had ashes inside it.

On the bottom, she found the faded text Anderson written across it. The first name was rubbed off so it was nearly impossible to read.

But since she had located the ashes, Moore really wanted to find the box’s family. It must hold important memories to someone.

“I would really love to find them because I know if it was one of my loved one I would want to fine them and get it back,” she said.

The search didn’t take long. The Salvation Army helped Moore find the owner and that’s when she realized the truth. The ashes weren’t human remains but those of a dog.

The owner lives in Florida and had left his dog’s ashes behind in a storage locker by accident.

“I am really surprised that less than 24 hours we were able to find the original owners and be able to get it sent back home,” said Moore.

The Salvation Army was overjoyed that Moore simply didn’t just throw the ashes away and keep the box.

The owner was overjoyed. He can’t wait to be reunited with his long-lost best friend. He has been searched for the box of ashes for two years.

“Once he heard from us we had it and were willing to ship it back to him he was of course ecstatic and thrilled,” said Major Curtiss Hartley.

Meanwhile, Moore is glad everything worked out.

“I am glad they are going back home,” she said.

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