She Brought Her Car In For A Repair, Accidentally Catches Scam On Her Cell Phone

Updated September 11, 2017

Unless you’re a car aficionado, you probably need to lean on a mechanic to get your car fixed up. While some people still do their own oil changes and other minor car fixes, most drivers these days simply bring their cars to the shop when they need work done. With people on such tight schedules and in the go, go, go mentality of the 21st century, not everyone has time to do work on their vehicle even when they want to. But one California wheel exposed a bad mechanic who broke the rules and took her husband’s fancy and expensive sports car for a joyride when he should have been working on it. Not only was he driving the car, he was charging by the hour to do it. Good thing she caught him breaking the rules and scamming her red handed. Now he is in big trouble…

In the video below, as reported by Inside Edition, you’ll see this angry California woman confronting the disrespectful mechanic.

Because Mari Agredano-Quirino happened to see her husband’s limited edition Indy 500 Chevy Camaro on the street – when she knew it was supposed to be in the shop for routine service – she seized the opportunity to confront the mechanic from the sleazy dealership in Montebello.

It all happened when Mari and her husband were out for lunch and saw the mechanic drive by in their car. They were furious.

Because Mari’s husband purchases just one of the 200 or so models of the Chevy Camaro, it was very valuable – and super easy to identify.

That’s when the couple pressed the pedal to the metal and pursued the race car. And when they did, they found the mechanic in a fast food drive thru trying to hit on the cashier. And he claimed that he was simply taking the car on a test drive.

And when Mari posted the video on Facebook, it quickly became a viral sensation – and the mechanic’s job as at stake.

“You’re telling me that you’re test-driving a car. No. Why are you test-driving my car? You’re getting food at Tommy’s,” Mari, who is visibly angry, says in the video.

After the mechanic is confronted by the car’s owners, he desperately tries to escape. He puts the car in reverse and tries to get away from them.

“If you hit my tire you’re going to change my rims on my tire. Why are you doing this? Why are you nervous, you’re not supposed to be getting food,” Mari shouted at the criminal and liar behind the wheel.

After the video went viral, the dealership owner posted a public apology on Facebook.

“This is something we do not condone,” dealership owner Chris Teague said in a Facebook video. “I apologize this took place and it will never happen again.”

Because his employee was caught in a lie and in a terrible situation, the manager was forced to refund Mari and her husband for the work they did on the vehicle. And hopefully the mechanic has learned better than to take customer’s fancy sports cars on drives to hit on fast food cashiers.