She Finally Shares Secret To Why Her House Smells So Good Every Time I Visit Her [video]

Updated August 9, 2017

From time to time we like to break from our regular articles and offer up fun DIY projects that can help your house feel more like a home. Today we decided to look at how a house smells, and what kinds of things we can do to keep it fresh and inviting on a budget, and with no toxic chemicals.

Many of today’s commercially manufactured fragrances and scents for the home are really just amalgams of toxic petrochemicals. And even though their packaging often promises a fresh clean smell for your home, they typically just smell artificial and, well, fake.

Well here are some all natural, low cost ways to keep your entire home smelling fresh as a Spring morn, all year long.

Air fresheners can be extremely easy to make yourself. You will need baking soda, essential oil, an empty votive tin, a mason jar with lid, a hammer, and a fork. Begin by cleaning out the old candle holder with warm soap and water, and then drying it completely. Next combine the baking soda and essential oil thoroughly and placing in the candle holder. Then prick a few holes in the lid of the mason jar using the hammer and fork. Place the candle holder in the mason jar and place the lid over the top.

Voila! Your very own air freshener, no fuss, no muss.

You can place these throughout the different rooms in your house, and use different oils for different effects in each room.

If you have tough odors in your carpets or rugs, collect your used tea bags in a pitcher of water in the kitchen. Start collecting them in a pitcher of water until you have enough to cover the flooring material. When you have what you need, open the bags up and allow the loose leaves to air dry until only slightly moist, then sprinkle them onto the area. Allow them to sit until thoroughly dry, then vacuum them up.

You can also hang dry tea bags in your automobile. This will both capture excess humidity and gently freshen the inside of your car to remove even the toughest food, smoke, and pet odors.

Finally, if you don’t necessarily want a specific fragrance, but just a clean smell, nothing beats baking soda. Put a box in your refrigerator, in your bathroom, in the garage, and just let it do its magic. In very short order, the baking soda will completely absorb and neutralize any offensive odors you may have. It also works if you sprinkle it inside those running shoes.

In fact baking soda is just about the most versatile cleaning product available, outside of vinegar. If you combine baking soda and vinegar together, you can even clean out the drains in your kitchen sink, a notorious source of foul stench in the kitchen.

All of these ideas will save you money, keep your house and car smelling fresh, and are completely safe for the environment, which also makes them safe for you kids and pets as well. And shouldn’t our homes feel safe and clean?

Do you have any homeopathic air freshening tips or hacks? Please share them with us here.