She Finds Baby Nearly Dead, Brings It Home. Documents Improbable Transformation

Updated October 4, 2017

Your life can change in an instant. And it often does. But there’s no way to predict when change strikes. It could come that moment when you first gaze upon the love of your life. Or when you find a lost lottery ticket in a pile of fallen leaves. Or for this woman, when she was out for a walk and found a hatchling bursting from an egg. The woman didn’t see the baby’s mother anywhere near by. Instead, she made a quick decision and brought the egg into her safety. And that kindness ended up changing her life from that day forward and giving her a new friend to love with her whole heart.

Susan Hickman never expected to find the hatchling on her walk. But when she was out and about, she couldn’t help but feel pity for the tiny baby breaking free from the egg. After making the choice to save it, Susan realized the bird’s egg had fallen out of its nest and its mother was not in sight. That’s when Susan made the choice to bring it into her home and take care of it like a child.

The decision ended up being a turning point for Susan. She had committed to caring for a newborn bird. And it was hatching in her hand. She needed to act fast.

Peering into the crack in the egg, Susan saw the tiny life struggling to move. It was breaking free of its shell enclosure. And it wanted to live. Fortunately Susan was there to give the tiny bird a second chance at life.

Before long the bird was hatched. And Susan’s heart swelled with love for the newborn baby. She watched it kick free. And then the creature sought the warmth of Susan’s hand.

Susan knew that taking care of a baby bird would not be easy. And she had yet to consider how much the daily walk had changed her life. But she didn’t want to put the newborn bird back into its nest. She had heard stories about how mama birds reject their babies when people have touched them.

“I could not, would not, just leave him there to die,” she said.

Susan didn’t have the luxury of time. The newborn bird needed care. Susan stepped up and became its mother.

“Just minutes after he emerged, I had him nice and cozy in a makeshift incubator,” she said.

Now that the baby bird had a warm home, Susan sought expert advice. Searching online and speaking to local animal shelters, she learned what she needed to do to care for the bird. But few people thought she had what it took.

However, she did what she could. And as if by a miracle, the baby bird thrived. It soon became Susan’s best friend in the world. And to celebrate, she filmed a video and uploaded it to YouTube, proving all the ‘experts’ that she was able to care for a bird from birth.

Watch the video below and see why millions have celebrated alongside Susan.