She Finds Oddly Large Egg Under Her Hen, Cracks It Open On Camera Knowing It Will Go Viral

Updated February 15, 2017

If you’re like me, then cracking open an egg is just part of your morning routine. I can’t speak for everyone, but unless I get two or three eggs for breakfast, I don’t feel as energized or robust. And because I learned to crack eggs years ago and have been doing it ever since I was on my own, there is nothing special about doing it that I would want to tell my friends about.

But 64-year-old Maria Glória de Souza, who lives in Brazil, had an experience of a lifetime when she went out to her chicken coop and found that one hen had laid an extra-large egg. Although Maria had been raising chickens for twenty years, she had never seen anything like this gargantuan egg that must have been very painful for the hen to deliver.

The egg was about triple the size of a normal one. And because it was different, Maria suspected that there was something special inside. And when she cracked it open to find out, she discovered the truth – there really was a hidden treasure in this special egg. Check out the images below to see what Maria found in that golden egg…

While some people (certainly the less adventurous among us), might keep the large egg intact, Maria was just too curious to let it be.

Maria, who has been rearing chickens for decades, said: “It was a super-size egg, really big. I had just taken it from underneath the chicken so it was still warm, when I realized I was holding something unusual.”

She was determined to find out the truth. But before she cracked its shell, she did some investigation. She weighed the egg and found it to top the scale at just over six ounces – which is huge for a regular chicken egg. Something was definitely inside this behemoth!

Ready to break it apart, Maria grabbed a bowl and cracked the egg. When she poured the contents into the bowl, guess what she found? A yolk and egg whites, AND another whole egg inside!

According to the YouTube description: “A housewife got the shock of her life when she cracked open a huge egg to find a smaller egg inside – perfectly intact. Maria Glória de Souza, 64, collected the gigantic egg from the chicken coop in the backyard of her house in Catalao, central Brazil, after it was laid by one of her hens. The ginormous offering was triple the size of a normal egg, weighing in at 175grams (6.5ounces).”

Check out the video below and you can see what was inside the egg.

Readers on shared their thoughts:

“My grandpa had chickens who laid huge eggs and there was always 2 to 3 eggs inside the largest one.  He worked in agriculture all his life and he told me these eggs form when the hen is just about to lay and something scares her.  This causes another egg to form around the first .    He found out it was raccoons scaring his hens so as soon as the coons were gone , the large eggs stopped.”

What do you think? Are you surprised that Maria found a second egg inside?

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