She Grabs A Notebook From The Basement To Use For School, Finds Unlikely Surprise Inside

Updated September 12, 2017

Things show up in the darndest of places. If you’ve lived in the same home for awhile then surely you’ve come across an old item that brought on feelings of nostalgia. It’s those old pictures you find hidden in between pages in a book, or that high school yearbook that you stumble across that has pictures of your old flame. Or maybe it’s an old piece of clothing that you were in a different decade.

Sometimes these moments bring us to tears as we realize just how far we’ve come in life or they make us remember a person we’ve lost.

When 19-year-old Hailey Weiss was packing her stuff up to go back to the college for the school year, she realized she had forgotten a few key items, one of them being a notebook. So, her mom, Carrie, told her to be sure to grab a notebook from the basement. So, she came a cross what looked like an unused Five Star spiral notebook and she packed it away with all her other things and headed off to college.

While sitting in class one day, she opened up the notebook and came across quite an interesting discovery. She found a gestation wheel. Had she not known what her parents went through to create her, she would’ve been a bit stumped. But, she was well aware that her parents struggled with infertility the years before she was born. But that wasn’t all she found. Hailey discovered labels on all the folders inside the notebooks. One said “Test Results” and the other said “Referrals,” and there were pre-printed calendars from 1995-1997, along with a due date calculator.

Hailey immediately snapped a photo of the gestation wheel and sent it to her mom, along with the following comment…

“I’m pretty sure the notebook I’m using for college helped you guys keep track of how to create me.”

Her mom confirmed that it was, in fact, the notebook they used to keep track of her, and it brought her to tears. Hailey also admitted that seeing the documentation of how she was created almost made her cry as well.

Carrie responded with…

“You are my miracle.”

During the early years of Carrie’s marriage, she and her husband had struggled with infertility and they spent a lot of time meeting with doctors and specialists which is why she kept the notebook. By this point in her life, twenty years later, Carrie had thought the notebook had been tossed in the trash or lost somewhere.

As soon as she learned that Hailey had found the notebook, Carrie was moved to tears and it gave her an opportunity to reflect on her two miracles and see just how far she has come in life. Surely that time period during 1995-1997 was a stressful one, as she didn’t know whether she would end up having a child or not.

 “It gave me a moment of pause,” she said. “We miss her when she is at school, but we are all so connected. There’s a lot of pride about how we came to be a family and we all cherish it.”