She Had A Few Drinks While Her Baby Slept. Does That Make Her A Bad Mother?

Updated August 7, 2017

If you drink while looking after your child, does that make you a bad parent? When one mother shared her “giggly” self online after drinking four glasses of wine and cocktails while her 9-month-old slept, she was blasted for being a bad mother. But is unwinding after a glass or two of wine after a long day really that bad? It can be a welcome respite after dealing with a lot of stress. And one of the most stressful jobs of all is being a parent. But when you’re the only one watching your baby, how many drinks is too many? When one mother shared a story about how her partner got angry at her for drinking several drinks at home while entertaining friends as her daughter slept. And then the internet blasted her all over again.

The woman who posted the story said she has four glasses of wine “and a few cocktails.” She drank the numerous beverages with food and got tipsy but not drunk. And while many people pointed out that everyone has different limits and tolerance for alcohol, a parent must be sober enough to react if there is an emergency.

However, other people were horrified to learn that this mother had more than five drinks while her baby was asleep. Why hadn’t she restrained her taste of alcohol while her baby was under her care? Couldn’t she have found a babysitter for a night when she drank more?

She began her post as follows:

“[My boyfriend] says anything over ½ drink [while watching the baby] is too much though…I know I wasn’t drunk and my friends agree, even the sober one.

In response people laid into the mother who had numerous drinks while her baby was fast asleep.

“Of course you shouldn’t mainline that much booze when you’re solely responsible for your child.”

“I’d be furious if I left my child with someone and they drank that much. It’s just completely unnecessary.”

“I agree with your partner. That sounds like quite a lot of alcohol while you’re in charge of a small baby.”

“Oh, come on, that’s more than a few drinks by anyone’s standards unless he/she is an alcoholic.”

Others shared their thoughts on Mail Online:

“My grandmother told me when my now 30 year old son was born ‘A mother is on the clock 24/7.’ I chose not to drink because I had to drive my kids to and from their activities (sometimes late at night). Everyone has to figure out their comfort level when it comes to alcohol and stop blabbing about their entire life on social media.”

“I can’t get my head round this – he’s been to the pub and left her at home with their child. She has a glass or two of wine whilst at home and he’s complaining. Perhaps he should stay at home and let her go to the pub, then he could refrain from drinking, whilst she enjoyed herself.”

Do you think this mom drank too much?

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