She Has No Idea Boyfriend Knows She’s Cheating On Him, Then He Hands Her A ‘Present’ [video]

Updated May 3, 2017

Anyone who has ever loved and lost knows the pain of saying farewell to a serious relationship. They can end for all kinds of reasons, but infidelity may be the knife that cuts the deepest.

While most of us try to be civil and compassionate to our former mates, sometimes their actions may be so unforgivable that sweet revenge is all one can think of. And we just found a man who has had such sweet revenge on his unfaithful girlfriend. You are not going to believe what he does on Valentine’s Day until you watch this video.

In this anonymous video, a man who has found out that his girlfriend cheated on him exacts a terrible revenge.

Instead of confronting her and breaking off the relationship, he carries on as if he knows nothing about her infidelity, until Valentine’s Day.

As a hidden camera captures the event on videotape, we see him pick up his unsuspecting lover in his car, and then hand her a heart shaped box of chocolates. He then exists the car, and locks all the doors.

When the cheating girlfriend opens the box, she is surprised by a swarm of cockroaches. And, she can not escape the car.

Just. Ew.

While this may have provided the man with a certain smug sense of revenge, we thought it may be a good idea to see how an adult might actually handle a breakup.

WikiHow has some sage advice for those who are preparing to dump a lover in a more sober, mature manner.

First, consider your motivations. Any way you slice it, you are going to look like the bad guy if you end a relationship on Valentine’s Day. Do you truly want to hurt your partner, like this guy did? Will you regret ending the relationship on Valentine’s Day? Will you regret it if you let it linger?

Ask yourself why do you want to end it, anyway? Did the relationship fizzle? Is it the other person’s fault? Once you know, frame your words appropriately.

Next, reflect on your feelings. Will you feel better, or worse, after breaking up? Surprisingly, Valentine’s Day is shown in studies to be a big day for breakups. Probably, because people are unhappy in their relationships and just cannot be dishonest any longer.

Then write down your main points, It will help you to frame your ideas and express them in the best way to your partner. Prepare a few words about the future, like how you plan to interact, if at all.

Finally, rehearse the plan, Most likely, the plan will not go perfectly, as you cannot predict how the other person will react. Some people even choose to role play with a trusted friend so that they can troubleshoot responses in advance.

Following these steps may help you walk away from a relationship with your head held high, knowing that you were mature and compassionate in the separation.

Have you ever broken up with someone? Ever been dumped? Share your experiences with us here.