She Is Left Beside Herself After Realizing Why Boyfriend Is At Her Father’s Grave Alone

Updated May 9, 2017

When we love someone, we will do almost anything for them. Lovers have been pulling gestures that go above and beyond for years and making sacrifices that leave us in awe. It is a beautiful thing to see a two people so in love that they will move across the country for one another or leave a dream job to have more time to spend with each other. It happens every day, but every now and then, there is one story that stands out more than others.

Kristina and Matthew have one of those relationships that will either make you envious or inspired to love your own significant other even more. Having been together for five years, the two lovers were happy and always willing to make sacrifices for one another, but Matthew’s most recent gesture went above and beyond what Kristina had ever seen before. He traveled 3,000 miles from San Francisco, California to Orlando, Florida, on a mission to gain approval to marry Kristina. Instead of asking her family over the phone, Matthew was determined to do the deed face to face.

As to be expected, the entire family was thrilled with the news and admired Matthew’s grand gesture. Kristina’s grandmother even gave him the engagement ring to propose to her.

But the best part was that Matthew cleverly filmed his entire trip and captured all the moments on camera so Kristina would be able to witness them after he actually popped the question. The most heartfelt part of the video was when Matthew was seen kneeling in front of Kristina’s father’s grave. He had gone to her father’s grave to pay his respects and ask for his permission to marry his daughter. Talk about going the extra mile.

When Kristina had a chance to view the video, she was obviously in tears at the site of her future husband in front of her beloved father’s grave.

After watching Matthew’s entire trip on video, he proposed to her on top of a mountain, in front of magnificent views. She obviously said yes!

Commenters were floored by his gesture and they couldn’t help but cheer the couple on…

“What a respectful man I’m glad she said yes sounds like you got one of the good guys good luck and I wish you both a long happy marriage and lots of babies xxx.”

“What a wonderful thing to do, you’ve got a gem there Kristina, there’s not that many about!! Hope you’ll be Happy Ever After!!!”

And just when people thought chivalry was dead and men didn’t ask for the father’s permission to marry anymore…

“WOW, gone are them days where a man asked her parents for their daughter’s hand in marriage, this gentleman has brought those days back, my best wishes to you both for the future, you certainly have got yourself one lovely caring man.”

It’s obvious that Matthew will make a great husband and there will never be a shortage of care and love between these two who were clearly meant to be together.