She Knew Her Blind Date Was Going To Be Bad, But Not This Bad, So She Hits Record. Yikes

Updated September 19, 2016

When Kayla Hutch from Chicago met who she thought would be an ideal date on the dating app Tinder, she was delighted to be invited to a date on a boat. But when she realized the date might be a little too crowded, she took out her cellphone camera and started filming the moment.

And things couldn’t have gotten any worse for this woman’s first date on Lake Michigan. Why? Because Kayla’s date, Emad, had invited his friends and fifteen other women out onto the boat for a ride along Lake Michigan.

Watch the drama unfold in the video footage below!

During her first date with Emad, who she really liked a lot, Kayla noticed something strange. He didn’t seem to only have eyes for her, even though he had asked her out on a date. She watched as Emad kept making out with another one of his invitees.

Because it was so ridiculous, Kayla decided to film the moment and oust the man for his disloyal ways.

In the video, which has been viewed more than 85,000 times since it was uploaded, she says…

“I’m live from this boat. What’s happening here – this is Emad. He invited me on the boat but now he’s with another girl he invited. Oh and they’re making out – they’re hugging.”

Although Kayla had been deceived and apparently taken out onto a swingers’ boat ride, she decided to make light of the situation and compared her situation to an episode of The Bachelor where the man uses all the women in order to pick one he likes the most.

Since the moment have become so popular on the internet, Kayla offered up some more explanation and backstory on what happened between Emad and her.

“Here’s the story. Six months ago I went on Tinder and matched with Emad. He started messaging me,” she explained. “I matched with him on Tinder and he has best friends in my old building. He’s been messaging me and texting me for six months and I haven’t been responding until he said there was a boat.”

But when Kayla got on the boat, she quickly realized that she was just one of the many woman Emad had been texting and messaging on Tinder.

“The first girl I met, I said: ‘How do you know Emad’. She said, ‘we met on Tinder’. Now I’m stuck here for five hours. He’s making out with a very pretty Brazilian girl. But he told me, ‘it’s OK, don’t feel uncomfortable, it’s not awkward’. So that’s the motto I’m living by.”

Kayla wanted to escape and shouted out to passing boats for assistance.

“I yelled at one of these boats going by. I told them I would pay $100 to take me back and they said no. I’m stuck on here because I can’t swim. I don’t know any of these people. If anyone is on Lake Michigan please come and save me.”

Eventually, Kayla escaped the uncomfortable party when another boat rescued her. She said:

“I was rescued,” she said gleefully. “There’s the boat in the distance. I’m going home guys.”

What do you think women should do when they feel trapped by men?

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