She Knew She Was About To Be Assaulted, So She Let Go Of Her Dog’s Leash

Updated August 8, 2017

People choose to have dogs as pets for good reason…they make great companions. They happily greet us at the door when we get home from work and they never judge us even when we make poor choices. They also offer great snuggles which leads to stress relief. So, it’s kind of a no-brainer why someone would opt to have a dog as a pet.

But, what if your furry companion ended up saving your life?

When one woman was out walking her pup just minutes from her parents home in Randalstown, she was approached from behind and soon she felt a man’s hands on her mouth. She knew that she was in trouble and she was about to be attacked. The hand muffled her screams when he yanked her hair so hard that patches came out. The mother of three through she was going to die and all she could think of was her children. Just two minutes before the incident she had texted her husband to let him know that she was on her way home soon.

According to the woman, the man had a foreign accent and he came from nowhere. She didn’t hear a thing before he approached her.

“He still had his hand in my mouth and even though I tried to shout for help it was so muffled no one could hear, “ she said. “He used his other hand to try and pull down my trousers and then said ‘Your dog can watch.’”

And then it happened…her Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Lola jumped into action and saved her life. She let the leash go and the next thing she knew, Lola was growling and had a grip on the man’s arm. She had a tight group on the man’s arm and he had to struggle to get her off. In order to get Lola off his arm, he had to let the woman go. When he finally got the pup off, he ran off and set her free.

“I was in shock and I didn’t even think about taking a look at him or seeing where he had gone,” she said.

Immediately following the incident, she called the police and explained the story, hoping to get the word out about him to protect other women in the neighborhood.

“We only live about 200 yards from where he attacked me,” she said. “I never thought anything like that would happen to me, I’m still too terrified to leave the house and can’t sleep since it happened.”

This woman is very lucky she had her dog with her. Had Lola not been present, the incident would’ve resulted in a much more tragic experience.

“I am so thankful I had Lola with me,” she said. “She is a two-year-old Staffie and she is just so gentle normally. She is such a placid dog at home but I can’t even bear to think what would have happened if she hadn’t been with me. Her instinct to protect kicked in and if it wasn’t for her I have no doubt what would have happened, she is our hero.”