She Knows Parrot’s Reaction To Pouring Water Will Go Viral, Her Video Does Not Disappoint

Updated March 16, 2017

Birds are characters. Whether they have the ability to talk or not, they manage to keep their owners on their toes. Oftentimes, talking parrots are known for mocking their owners, making it sound like they are making fun of them. There is certainly no shortage of personality in these feathered creatures.
The latest and greatest bird video gone viral is one of a rainbow lorikeet named Loki. Loki is set in his ways and knows what he wants. In the video, we know for sure that he definitely wants a glass of water to sip on. When his owner pours him a fresh, cool glass, he can hardly contain himself. Loki’s owner takes her time pouring the water into the glass, knowing full well what his reaction is going to be. As the water makes its way into the glass, Loki can be seen hopping around the outside of the glass in happy little bounces. He looks as if he is part kangaroo. At some points in the video, it looks like Loki is hopping to the sound of the noise that the water makes when it hits the glass. He lets out a screech of delight, as he gets ready to quench his thirst and his owner can’t help but giggle through the entire process. She is clearly smitten with sweet little Loki as she gets eye level with the bird and pets him as he starts drinking his much-loved water.
There is no lack of happiness in this video and Loki shows us that it’s the little things in life that truly make us happy. A simple glass of water has this little guy hopping like he’s high on life. And he should be because his cuteness has already caused him to have almost 10,000 followers on Instagram, where his daily traditions are captured on camera.

Rainbow lorikeets are a parrot species that is found in Australia. They are considered a medium-sized parrot, ranging in length from 25 to 30 cm (10 to 12 in). It is brightly colored with a head that is deep blue and a greenish-yellow nuchal collar. His wings, back, and tail are typically a deep shade of green and he has a proud chest filled with colors of red with blue-black barring. Adding to the assortment of colors, the belly is a deep green and the thighs and rump are yellow with deep green barring. When the bird is in flight, a yellow wing-bar appears and contrasts with the red underwing.

Commenters found little Loki’s happy bounces to be uplifting and adorable…

“This guy really needs a fountain (there are small recirculating indoor ones 🙂 so he can rain dance all day :)”

“You should buy him an indoor waterfall.”

“Adorable! Made me smile!”

“Awww that’s so cute!”

Some say that is how they react when a bartender pours them a glass of alcohol and others are set on getting a Loki of their own so they can watch him do a daily “rain dance.” We can imagine what he does when his owner gives him food!