She Meets Her Brother For The First Time In 30 Years, Realizes Mom Was Hiding Massive Secret

Updated October 12, 2017

Siblings often share a super close bond. My wife and her brother are just over a year apart and they have a bond closer than I’ve ever seen before. They can finish each other’s sentences and sing impromptu songs perfectly and laugh at the same silly things. Twins also share a super close bond. And while siblings sometimes fight – they are so close to each other all the time after all – they make up in the end. But recently, the internet helped unite a group of brothers and sisters who have been separated their whole lives. And because they are now united, they are able to share the beautiful bond that siblinghood provides. Learn more about these long-lost siblings who were finally united after decades.

When Christina Housel was young, she was adopted. She didn’t know much about her birth mother or any of her birth family. She loved her adoptive parents but always wanted to know more about where she came from and who her family was.

Eventually Christina Housel went on to start a family of her own. She gave birth to her own children. This sparked a curiosity in her that she could not stop.

She logged onto the internet and started searching for information about her parents. And she also wondered if she had any possible siblings. But as she began to dive into the online research into her family, she learned something that ended up changing her life forever.

After a brief internet search, Christina found her long-lost brother. His name was Lyles James Berryman. She was very skeptical at first. And because she wanted to meet him, he was worried. But he eventually decided to come around.

As soon as Lyles agreed to meet with Christina, she bought a ticket from Washington and flew all the way to Arizona. She really wanted to meet him.

When they met, they immediately knew they were related. It was without a doubt. They shared so many personality traits in common.

Now that they were united after 30 years, they told each other about their childhoods and families. They shared photos and told each other all they could during their meeting. Their was so much to say during their brief meeting.

Then Lyles shocked Christina. He told her their biological mother had died. But before then she had given birth to twin girls. And he had no idea where they lived.

They turned to Facebook to find their twin sisters.

“Just met after 30 years. Still looking for twin girls born in Florida around May or April 1992–94.”

It didn’t take long for the internet to turn up the twins. Lauren Rutherford and Ashley Bo found the photo and told Christina and Lyles that they were the women they were looking for.

When the siblings got together, they had to admit that they all looked alike.

Everyone booked plane tickets to meet.

They confirmed that they were related when they got together. And after that, they spent hours catching up and telling each other about their lives.