She Meets Her Dad’s Twin Brother For The First Time, Reaction Has Me In Stitches [video]

Updated October 27, 2016

The majority of people are fascinated by twins, especially identical pairs. When twins catch our line of vision in public, we do a double take, and soon find ourselves dissecting the features of the identical faces, trying to find something…anything…that is different.

With all the fascination that twins hold for the average person, it’s no surprise that one baby is very confused when he meets his father’s twin. Luckily the incident was caught on camera. The father is Stephen, his brother is Michael and the helpless little confused boy is Reed.

At first both men are wearing glasses, making it even more of a challenge to tell them apart. When little Reed is in the arms of his real father, Stephen, he looks over at Uncle Michael and says Dada and even after they both take their glasses off, the boy is still confused, as he points to both men and says “Dadda,” while being passed back and forth. Meanwhile, the twin brothers are getting a kick out of Reed’s confusion. Suddenly the little guy believes that he has two fathers instead of a one and only. You can see the innocent confusion on his face as he looks over from one to the other. How can you blame him?

If you can’t have fun with your own child, then who can you have fun with? The dad and the uncle are having a genuinely good time with the boy and one day Reed will watch this video and play a prank on them and pay them back.

Commenters appreciate the video and some who have been in a similar situation have shared their stories…

“My mom is a triplet but I have always been really good at distinguishing them even though other people can’t. Even over the phone their tone of voice is different to me. Sometimes my mom or aunts will show me pictures from their youth and ask me to guess who is who and I never mess up.”

“I have a twin but thank god we’re fraternal.”

“This makes me smile every time!”

“That’s cute I love how he points and says dad at both lmao.”

We can be certain that Michael and Stephen had a lot of fun growing up together, using their identical looks to trick their teachers and girlfriends. Usually as twins age, they tend to develop more independence in their dress code and image, but these two guys seem to maintain the same style even later in life. If Reed wants to maintain some sanity at family events in the future, he is going to have to find something to identify them as individuals. Until then, he’s going to have trouble figuring out who feeds and fathers him. Hang in there Reed, these brothers are bound to mess up at some point and you’ll find a rare birth mark on one of them. Maybe it’s a slight accent that comes out every now and then or a certain gait that makes one of them seem a bit different than the other.