She Noticed She Was Being Followed Into The Bathroom So She Hit Record. What She Captured? NOT GOOD

Updated June 9, 2016

While enjoying a relaxing drink at a bar in Gresham, Oregon, a woman noticed something strange. Every time she got up to the bathroom, she realized a man was following her.

At first she thought it was “just a coincidence.” The man had even walked in on her and she thought it was an accident. She was trying to give him the benefit of the doubt.

She laughed about it with her friends, but they told her it was probably something much more sinister…

With that in the back of her mind, she decided to test the guy. She went into the bathroom and set a trap. And the creep fell right into it.

Check out what happened below…

The woman, who has decided to be only identified as “Shannon,” caught the startled and flabbergasted Matthew Dziewiontkowski when he walked in on her in the unisex bathroom again.

Because Dziewiontkowski had walked in on numerous women during the evening at the Gresham bar, the trap was needed. They wanted to catch him in the act.

“So finally I just was like, I need to videotape this,” she said. “A couple of my girlfriends kept going or went to the bathroom and she told me that this guy walked in on her. Before that I went to the bathroom and he walked in on me. I apologized to him because I didn’t know that he walked in other girls before me.”

Shannon and her friends set up a plan to catch the creep and expose his lecherous plans. She figured that catching him walking in on her on camera might do the trick.

“After a while we would slam the door and the door did lock and he still would try to push open the door. Every time a girl would go to the bathroom he would get up and go,” she said. “I coughed when I was taking the video, so he heard me going to the bathroom.”

The video below is the censored exchange that happened between the woman, Shannon, and the creepy bathroom peeper from Oregon. Here’s a transcript:

  • Woman: “Are you trying to [expletive] see me in the bathroom?! Every time I go to the bathroom you come to the door, every single time. I got you on film.”
  • Man: “I’m sorry.”
  • Woman: “Are you being a [expletive] creep?”
  • Man: “I need to pee.”
  • Woman: “No. Then if the [expletive] door’s closed, go to the other door! … “I’m gonna call the [expletive] cops on you, you [expletive] creep!”

And because he was being creepy, Shannon and her friends followed through on their threat. They called the cops. When the police arrived, they said that Dziewiontwoski had walked in on at least 15 different women in that one night. They were going to investigate further to see who else he spied on.

Bar surveillance footage catches him following 16 people into the bar over a 7-hour period, the prosecution says.

Dziewiontkowski was arrested Monday and appeared in court Tuesday for charges of a misdemeanor charge of invasion of privacy. The “creep” pleaded not guilty.

The man has been banned from bars while he awaits his pending court decision. He has been released from jail and is scheduled to appear again on June 21.

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