She Orders Bean Burger From Restaurant, Sends Internet Into Laughter When She Shares Photo

Updated November 3, 2017

Remember when vegetarians were rare?

It used to be nearly impossible to order a meal that catered to a vegetarian’s preferences many years ago, but nowadays, it’s much more common to see a variety of vegetarian options on restaurant menus. And some even take it a step further and offer the more stringent vegan options.

So, while it’s not hard to walk into a restaurant and order a veggie burger, one customer found out that in some restaurants, it is still quite a challenge to get something “animal-free.”

When Twitter user @alanahrama posted a photo of a bean burger that she ordered at a restaurant, she was taken aback by the chef’s bizarre version of the burger. Instead of being made of a mixture of beans, held together with egg, the burger was served, literally with a bunch of baked beans planted on top of it. Doesn’t sound all that fitting for a vegetarian right? Alongside the questionable bean burger was a bowl of chips and a not-so-appetizing side salad.

“I’m assuming that’s an actual burger underneath but I also feel like the chef didn’t even google what a bean burger is,” Alana said in response to one of her commenters.

It’s pretty safe to say that we all have at least one friend who lives the vegetarian lifestyle, as it is far more common today than it was back in the day. Nearly 16 million people in the U.S. are vegetarian, making up 5% of the population, and the number appears to be growing every day. In addition to the growing population of vegetarians, 33% of the population eat a diet that leans toward mostly veggies with occasional meat thrown into the mix.

The curiosity around vegetarianism is certainly on the rise as 30 million Americans have dabbled around with the diet and 12 million are interested in giving it a go. For those who are truly committed to maintaining an animal-free diet, the vegan option is the way to go, however; because it is so strict there are only 7.5 million people who claim to be vegans in the U.S.

We know that vegetarianism is becoming more common when kids are jumping on board. A whopping two million children, ages 8-18 have committed to being vegetarians. And 15 million kids eat at least one vegetarian meal a week.

Commenters were on both ends of the spectrum. One, who appears to be an avid vegetarian, shared an approved recipe for a bean burger.

“Most veggies will tell you that the best burger is going to come out of your own kitchen and you don’t have to be a three-star cook to make it. You can buy Protein Mince (such as Quorn) and add a little bit of chopped onion, chopped sage or other herbs of your choice, and a beaten egg to firm it all together. Shape into patties and put in the fridge in overnight. Take out of the fridge, and cut into sizes of your choice, and (remove clingfilm of course) and fry gently in vegetable oil, or grill, or steam. Delicious and good for your heart, too!”

And another, sided with the restaurant…

“Well, you did ask for a bean burger.”