She Posts A Seemingly Boring Video On Facebook, Immediately Gets A Call That Saves Her Life

Updated September 5, 2017

When one young girl decided to showcase her talent for the internet, she set up her webcam and starting filming herself lip-syncing to one of her favorite songs. Since she was home alone, she didn’t have to hold back and be embarrassed. Only her internet friend would be watching.

But when she finished and watched the video over, she discovered a disturbing truth – she wasn’t home alone after all. There was a dark figuring moving around behind her while she played along to her favorite songs.

When she shared the video, many people came out and stated the obvious. It was a demon. Other people refused to admit that it was something from out of this world. But watch for yourself – and you’ll see why that seems to make the most sense…

The video, which was uploaded by YouTuber user Mrbunnyfingers, has already been viewed hundreds of thousands of times. People are dying to figure out what the dark figure is. But they are clueless. It looks so shocking and terrifying and it has an intense presence.

Watch the clip below. You’ll see the dark figured streaming past in the background. Clearly this singer is not alone.

She uploaded the video with the title “My friends cousin was home alone making Musical.lys and didn’t realize what was in the background u”

Check it out if you don’t believe it could be real. You’ll see the terrifying black object right in the beginning of the clip. Here’s what MrBunnyfingers shared in the video description:

“My friends cousin was home alone one day making musical.lys. She had uploaded this and didn’t realize what was in the background until she rewatched it later… it is on the right side of the screen, above her left shoulder. Right in the beginning of the video. The only pet they have is a cat.”

There is no way that object could be a cat – unless it was flying by at shoulder height.

While thousands have watched the clip, dozens have offered comments about what it could be. Here are a few thoughts on the ghostly figure:

“Lol, was that a goblin? The head size and form match, except the colors”

“That’s a thief with a hood, you’ve been robbed.”

Some people noticed the object but think it is false.

“There is something or someone, like a person in burka, moving past in the background behind her right shoulder, to the left in the video. But this could easily be fake.”

Although the video is only nine seconds long, this creature makes its presence known right in the beginning. It’s like it wants people to know that it exists. The girl had no idea that a dark demonic entity was floating just behind her shoulder.

The family admitted they own a cat. But is there any way on God’s Green Earth that could be a cat? What do you think?

Contribute your thoughts about what this dark thing is in the comments below.

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