She Removed Her Ribs To Get A Thinner Waist. But What Surgery She Just Underwent? UTTER DISBELIEF

Updated June 3, 2016

Many models and public figures that are often in the limelight in our world today do everything they can to reach physical perfection, whether it be by hard work and exercise, plastic surgery, or both.

Though plastic surgery can do some wonders for people looking to fix or slightly alter their bodies, there are others that take the process extremely far and end up with questionable, but fascinating results at the end.

One woman named Pixee Fox, a 26 year old from North Carolina, has had almost 18 cosmetic surgeries done on her to help her achieve the aesthetic dream she has had since she was a teenager, and now she is taking it even further to her eyes.

Since she was a teenager, Pixee has wanted her body to be perfect, just like a cartoon character.  This type of body image is almost impossible to accomplish with just hard work and exercise, which is why she had to undergo so many plastic surgeries.

Pixee has additionally spent over $80,000 on her body work to get it where she wanted it to be.

But body size and width was not all that Pixee was striving for.  In order to truly look like a cartoon character, she decided the next step in her process for perfection was to color her eyes green; cartoon green.

She decided to undergo an eye color change, specifically a permanent one.  This operation will cost her about $5,000 and will change her eyes from the original blue that she was born with, to a very turquoise looking sea green.

It is a color that is impossible to be born with, which is also what attracts Pixee to her choice.  The operation is extremely difficult to find done in the United States, so Pixee had to look elsewhere to get the service she was looking for.

Pixee ended up having the procedure done by Dr. Suraj Munjal at the Spectra Eye Hospital in New Deli, India.  That is quite a long trip for such a quick operation!

The operation is in fact very speedy, as it takes only 15 minutes per eye, and is carried out when the patient is under a local anesthetic.  The operation is actually quite scary sounding too.  During the procedure, two intraocular implants are placed directly into her pupils through a 2.8mm incision that Dr. Munjal makes in her eye.

Pixee is very happy with her body, and says the plastic surgeries do not scare her, in fact she really enjoys the thought of the permanency of the surgeries.

Just to list some more of the work that Pixee has done one her body, hey eye implants are just one of the many including:

  • One labiaplasty
  • One b lift
  • Cool sculpting
  • Two liposuctions
  • two blepharoplasties
  • Cheek injections
  • Lip injections
  • Four breast augmentations
  • Rib removal (six ribs)

If you want to learn more about Pixee and her strive to look exactly like a cartoon character, you can see pictures from before and after her surgery and hear her actually speak about her experience in the video below.

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