She Saved His Life, Then The Canine Led Her To Spot In The Woods That Changed Everything

Updated March 28, 2017

One day, Kathy Wilkes-Myers was taking a walk along a country highway when she saw something shocking. While she often had to deal with unwanted street dogs in her part of town, the Rottweiler that she spotted did not seem wild. It seemed to have recently been separated from its owner.

When Kathy got closer, her assumption seemed proven correct. The Rottweiler did not act like any of the other street dogs, which were skittish and afraid. This dog ran right over and leaned against Kathy’s legs. But upon closer inspection, the dog might be friendly, but it didn’t look healthy. The Rottweiler was probably just surviving on rainwater. And hadn’t eaten heartily in a while.

Kathy named the dog Ella and took her in. But then she realized that Ella was trying to tell her something…

Kathy could never get the location where she found Ella out of her mind. It bugged her, day after day. Eventually, she figured this was some clue and Ella needed her to figure it out.

Perhaps, someone’s life was in danger and the dog needed Kathy to help…She didn’t know for sure.

Then it clicked. Kathy had found Ella at the location of a vehicular crash not long before. Maybe Ella was in one of the vehicles that were involved.

With Ella in tow, Kathy returned to the site and found some items left behind from the crash. The personal things were left in a hump along the side of the road. Ella pulled on the leash and practically dragged Kathy over to the pile.

Ella sniffed the items. And Kathy looked closer. They were possessions of the family involved in the car accident. They were the victims of the tragic crash.

Sadly, Ella had hoped that her family would return to the crash site again. Unfortunately, the dog did not understand that they had died. There was no returning to them. But Ella refused to give up hope that her family had left her behind on earth.

Kathy knew the family had perished in the crash. But she figured that she owed Ella that much. Perhaps, a distant relative, someone the dog knew, would be able to take her in. Kathy contacted the highway police for information.

Then she learned a shocking fact. The family was not dead at all!

Ella had been thrown from the vehicle during the crash. Her mother’s name was Michelle and they were looking for Ella as much as Ella was looking for them.

On the day of the crash, rescue teams did not see Ella. She must have been hidden among the trees. But because she knew her family had survived, she stayed put at the crash site for 13 days until Kathy found her.

Because Kathy cared, she reunited Ella with her long-lost family. In the video report from CBS News below, you’ll watch the heartwarming moment Ella is reunited with Michelle and the others.

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