She Shows Simple Way To Grow Them In Your Backyard So You Never Have To Buy Them Again [video]

Updated April 5, 2017

Maintaining a vegetable garden can be a challenge if you’re not much of a gardener or just don’t have the space to plant crops. Of course, harvesting your own homegrown vegetables is ideal, fresh, and healthy.

The good news is that there’s a way to easily grow your own potatoes that is pretty foolproof for anyone short on space or lacking farming and gardening know-how.

With just a few items, you can build a potato garden that takes up very little yard space. The team at explains just how to create this “potato tower.” The materials to get started include: 4 foot tall by 8 foot wide wire fencing, posts, straw, compost or dirt, and seed potatoes.

First, four posts are installed, set 18 inches apart from one another, to form a square shape. Then wrap the wire fencing around the posts, snipping and crimping the ends together to keep it secure. You should now have your tower in place, ready to begin growing all of those wonderful potatoes.

Add the hay, compost and dirt and then, with two pounds of potatoes, cut them in pieces, leaving four eyes attached to each piece. The pieces can be tucked into the dirt, with the buds facing out toward the straw.

Cover the potatoes with a few inches of dirt and then make another layer of potatoes, repeating the process until all of the vegetables are planted.

After watering the potato tower routinely, the plants will begin to grow upwards, with blooms forming on the plant.

Once the potatoes have grown, after the blooms die off and the vines dry up, it’s time to harvest by simply removing the fencing and pulling the straw and compost away to reveal the potatoes.

The YouTube video description further explains: “Everything you need to know to grow your own potatoes in a potato tower; Build a wire tower filled with straw and dirt and seed potatoes. Water over the summer and let the harvest fall out of the opened fence in the fall. Easy, organic, home grown goodness that only requires watering. No weeding!”

In the video, she explains that she used a 2 pound bag of seed potatoes, put in three or four bags of dirt, and one straw bale. She planted the potatoes in June and harvested them in September.

The woman also explains she would probably do more towers because she has a big family. She also suggests using a sprinkler system for watering in the summer if you’re out of town. She started with 2 pounds of potatoes and harvested 12 pounds. Not bad!

The comments on this story at included questions about the seed potatoes, with one explaining: “You can use potatoes from the grocery store, but they may not sprout as well. Many garden centers have potato sets in the Spring, local ones as well as big box stores like WalMart and KMart.”

Another asked if it would be possible to do this project at an apartment with a balcony. Once commenter responded: “Yes, you sit it in a barrel or steel wash tub so the container will have a solid bottom (and not drop a mess through your balcony.) I’ve seen people grow potatoes in just clear plastic bags with some small holes for ventilation, too. With this method, you simply dump your soil out in a place where it will be useful, then spread it around to find the potatoes. I think you need the clear bags for sunlight enter.”