She Spots Blood Leaking Onto The Street, Realizes What Building She’s Standing In Front Of

Updated September 27, 2017

With Stephen King’s “IT” in theaters, people are especially concerned when they seeing strange activity going on around the sewers and manhole covers. Because the freaky clown had a terrifying scene involving the sewer in the story, people want to keep their children away from the risk and out of harm’s way. But when blood started flowing from the lawn of a funeral parlor and onto the street, locals were horrified. They snapped pictures and later shared the images on social media to get help from anyone who can protect them community from whatever was terrorizing it. This horror happened at the Greenoaks Memorial Park and Funeral Home in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. And people were horrified to see blood spurting out onto the street from a vale in the grass on the funeral home property.

Those walking near the funeral home and driving by saw the blood flowing out into the road for 20 minutes straight. It horrified them how much blood was leaking out of the valve and onto the public roadway. And because they were certain that the establishment was dealing with dead bodies, the thought of it being blood was not too farfetched.

“We sent out both our sewer inspector and our environmental specialists to take a look. We determined that it wasn’t a sewer issue and that it was an issue on private property,” Adam Smith with the City of Baton Rouge Department of Environmental Services said.

Although it is private property, the local law enforcement should have taken a more confident approach. This seemed to be something that should have been investigated.

Authorities did run some tests and found that it was human blood and a mixture of Formaldehyde. Apparently the creepy slurp leaked from the storage tank behind the building. Employees were working to clean up the mess and find the hole in their system where the blood was leaking from. And they are trying to sop up the mess before the Louisiana Department of Environmental Services gets involved and potentially shuts down the funeral home.

“As soon as we noticed it, we were able to immediately stop the leak, clean and disinfect the area,” a statement from the funeral home said. “We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused visitors to our cemetery.”

Authorities confirmed that human blood did not drip into the sewer system. Not only that but the funeral home recently switched ownership and they did not have a permit to operate the business. They were in big trouble now that they are leaking blood and Formaldehyde out onto the public street. Locals were horrified.

“We’ve been really concentrating on restaurants lately, so we haven’t been looking into the funeral homes. But we’re going to go ahead and get them signed up for a permit tomorrow,” Smith said.

If you saw blood streaming out of a valve near a funeral home, would you be satisfied with an apology? Or would you expect your local government agencies to step in and protect the locals from the Frankenstein-like activity going on behind the doors of the funeral home? Should they pay a fine to the people of Baton Rouge for pouring blood on the public street and making the taxpayer agency come out an investigate it?

What would you have done if you were the one to find the bleeding grass?