She Takes 43 Wood Pallets And Sands Them To Make The Ultimate Backyard Accessory [Photos]

Updated July 13, 2017

If you’re like me, you love planning your next DIY project with your family and friends. Whether you’re looking to improve your garden or make a BBQ grill or fire pit, you’re always searching for inspiration. Currently, my wife and I are working on making a table cut from a long piece of lumber that we epoxy to preserve its shape and look. I’m so excited to share the pictures with my family and friends! Since summer is in full swing, we wanted you to see this creative DIYer’s project. We’ll be sharing an awesome project these people created using leftover pallets. Check out how Imgur user RedheadFox turned everyday pallets into a backyard escape perfect for cocktail parties and outdoor lounging.

To create their DIY backyard patio, they first sanded down 43 raw pallets to make them smooth to the touch. Sanding the pallets also removed any dirt. Next they painted each one with primer and then a coat of white paint using a painting gun.

While letting them dry, they laid out a 19×13-foot rectangle of geotextile fabric which would become the base of their patio and prevent unwanted weed overgrowth. They started to lay the pallets on top and then stack them into walls. They also created some pallet benches by putting them atop each other.

The fence, walls, and benches were stabilized with steel rods and wire.

The final result was a perfect place for loungers to enjoy a relaxing day after a long week. The DIY patio is a perfect place for a glass of champagne or a morning coffee with friends.

Beautiful backyard lounge/party terrace made entirely out of pallets

If you think this creative use of pallets is awesome, you’re not alone. Dozens of people shared their thoughts in the comments on Imgur. Here are some of the most popular responses shared:

“That looks great, but please do keep a fire extinguisher close. I suggest buying one and painting it blue to match the color scheme. Palletes tend to burn more intense and way faster due to glues, the type of wood and air flow when stacked.”

“It looks really good, but where I work we have pallets outside all year round and they get moldy and weathered really easily. So be warned.”

“i think it was an original idea and that you are the ones that came up with it and if it works for you than that’s all that matters good job”

Other people worried that using pallets might only be a temporary solution.

“The flooring looks dangerous. I can just imaging slipping a foot in the slats and breaking an ankle.”

“A dog would break a leg trying to walk on that. In Florida, it would be full of spiders, snakes, and other critters in 2 days.”

What do you think of the final result? And to think they started with leftover pallets. Will you try something like this?

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