She Tried Taking A Funny Photo With Her Brother, But His Reaction Has Everyone In Stitches

Updated July 26, 2017

While Facebook seems to be a hit for the older generations (above 30), Snapchat is the way to go for today’s youth. Apparently, the youngsters like the way the application can promptly send off a message before disappearing into a sea of nothingness. They also appreciate all the handy dandy options that allow them to alter their faces in a variety of ways. Whether it be transforming their face into that of a zebra or maybe just adding a crown to their head, Snapchat allows for endless hours of fun.

One of the hottest things to do on Snapchat is the famous face swap. You basically take a selfie of you and your person of choice, and the application swaps out the features. Imagine how fun that could be? If you decide to take a selfie with your pup, you may end up having puppy dog eyes and a narrow, slobbery snout. Or, if you want to take a snapshot with your baby, be prepared to see what you will look like with baby features…it basically portrays the background of your face and swaps out the eyes, nose, mouth and ears. And then, you can send the image off to your list of contacts. It’s not wonder the kids are loving this form of social media. It provides hours of entertainment.

When one young girl decides to do a face swap with her baby sister, she ends up with quite the surprise. In the midst of the camera snapping the image, the baby spits up. Can you guess where this goes from here?

The big sister, who appears to be about seven or eight years old, is shown with spit up erupting from her mouth. Meanwhile, she has taken on the features of her baby sister who is sitting in her lap. And the best part is the older sister’s reaction when she sees the spit up on the screen. She lets out a disgusted…”ahhhhhhh,” just as the baby lets it all up.

While the video is only four seconds long, it pretty much sums up what Snapchat is all about. Some say that it was an epic Snapchat fail, but it would make for a good marketing tool for future users of the application. The timing simply cannot get better, and it proves that anything and everything can be captured in just a brief moment. Makes for a pretty powerful application, right?

Commenters found the video to be quite funny…

“Omgosh I was laughing so hard.”

“Ok this one was good hahaha.”

And others expressed how the application really does mess with you…

“This really messed with my brain.”

When you first watch the brief clip, you do end up questioning who is who and why on earth is this seven-year-old girl spitting up like a baby? It’s amazing what technology can do these days.

It can be assumed that the older girl won’t be trying a face swap with her baby sister anytime in the near future. But, hopefully one day they can laugh about this and maybe do a face swap that doesn’t end up in vomit.