She Was Abandoned At Burger King As A Baby. 27-Years Later, She Has Unusual Request

Updated October 3, 2017

Stories of abandoned babies are always heartbreaking. To think that these parents thought the babies would be better off abandoned than in their care says a lot about the circumstances they were in. It means that these parents couldn’t sustain the nurturing environment these babies required. In some cases, mothers with post-partum depression leave their children behind. The situation is just too much for them to process. But you might remember one abandoned baby’s story. She was left at a Burger King decades ago. But now the Burger King baby is back in the headlines because she used Facebook to discover the truth about her past.

Burger King employees heard cries coming from their customer bathroom. The workers at the Pennsylvania location went inside and were horrified to see the infant abandoned. The newborn baby was just a few hours old. And no one thought the baby would turn out all right. She would go into protective custody. But without her mother, she would not receive the love she needed to thrive, the Burger King employees thought.

But she did. And now she is turning to Facebook for help finding her birth mother.

The newborn baby was abandoned on September 15, 1986. And the Burger King staff at the Allentown location couldn’t believe they had found her in the bathroom.

She was a tiny bundle of joy without anyone to love her. Her mother was nowhere in the picture.

The shocked fast food employees called an ambulance and the baby was rushed to the hospital. Thankfully the baby was healthy. But she was only about three hours old. It was a tragedy that her mother had abandoned her in the Burger King bathroom.

“Right now, we’re the only thing this kid’s got in terms of a family,” one officer said. “It’s very important. We have a baby right now who has nobody.”

Soon the Burger King baby story became national news. Everyone was searching for her parents. And the police even had some fingerprints.

But they couldn’t find her. The Burger King baby went up for adoption.

Brenda and Carl Hollis adopted her. And they named her Katheryn. But on her 12th birthday in 1998, they told Katheryn her adoption story. And they even showed her the articles about the Burger King baby.

It was a big deal to the girl. But her life went on. When she was 27 years old and a mother herself, she was compelled to find her biological mother.

In 2014, she shared a photo of herself holding a sign that read: “Looking for my birth mother… Maybe she will see this. Thank you.”

As the photo went viral, Cathy Pochek contacted Katheryn. And she admitted that she had abandoned her baby at the Burger King nearly three decades before.

She was a teen who had become pregnant from rape. She hid it from her family and then abandoned the baby in the bathroom.

Katheryn could understand her biological mother’s desperation. And despite what happened, she wanted some kind of relationship with Cathy.

What do you think about this unlikely reunion?