She Was Sent Home Because Of Her Outfit. Do You Think It Is Inappropriate For School?

Updated August 7, 2017

A Montana high school student has been ridiculed for wearing a shirt that her school thought was inappropriate. Because she was not wearing a bra underneath her t-shirt, student Kaitlyn Juvik from Helena, Montana was punished for what she was wearing – or not wearing. When Helena High School administrators took a close look at her chest, they ordered the senior to either wear a sweater or put on a bra. They claimed that her lack of underwear was making other people uncomfortable. The teenager was wearing an off-the-shoulder t-shirt that is popular among young people these days – a throwback fashion to the 1980s. After she was admonished for not wearing a bra, she staged a bra-less protest where dozens of other students stopped wearing their bras to school.

Although the school was “looking very hard” to see if she was wearing a bra or not, Juvik said the shirt was “not see-through [and] not inappropriate.” She refused to cover up or put on a bra and was punished for her rebelliousness.

Just days after she was first reprimanded for her bra-less ways, she organized a protest where students – and even the school principal – wore bras over their clothing in solidarity. The boys were overjoyed to join the protest and protest for the women at school who didn’t want to wear underwear.

Juvik, who was 18 and recently graduated at the time of the scandal, became an internet sensation. She then founded “No Bra, No Problem,” a Facebook page that accumulated thousands of supporters from Helana, Montana and all over the country and world.

She has adopted a new nickname as she continues to fight her feminist cause. She now goes by the nickname, Kaitlyn the Braless Warrior.”

Juvik is ready to fight for other young women who want to free themselves from the restrictive undergarment. The claims the school’s dress code promotes “the body shaming and sexualizing of women.”

“Boys always get the excuse about their hormones, that ‘boys will be boys,’” Kaitlyn tells PEOPLE, “but instead, perhaps people should start teaching boys not to sexualize women’s bodies. Wearing a bra is a personal choice. It’s my body. Why is it anybody else’s business whether I’m wearing a bra, especially when I’m covered up and dressed appropriately?”

By the time her school decided to punish her, Juvik had already gone braless for more than a year. She finds bras to restrict her womanhood and to also be uncomfortable. That’s why she was so shocked when she was called into the administrator’s office one week before she graduated.

Apparently a male teacher couldn’t stop staring at her.

“I was told that a male teacher had complained he was uncomfortable because I wasn’t wearing a bra, and I was told to find something to cover up with,” Juvik told PEOPLE. “When I left the office, I was so upset that I posted a picture of what I was wearing on Facebook, telling everyone, ‘If any of you are curious, this is the shirt I was wearing when I was called out.’ I most definitely wasn’t wearing anything against the dress code.”

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