She Was Sick Of Doing Laundry For Her 6 Kids In A Tiny Cluttered Space. What She Does? I AM JEALOUS!

Updated June 20, 2016

If you’re like me, your job is to handle the laundry. While currently I don’t have any kids, I only have to do laundry for two. That makes the job much easier. But with six kids and a husband, Ronda Batchelor has become a bonefide laundry master. I couldn’t even imagine washing clothes for that many people every week…

But because she has to spend so much time in the laundry room, she made it a priority to transform the old inefficient laundry room into a space she can zoom in and out of quickly. Since she has a bazillion other tasks to complete as well, she really needed this.

While I thought her room looked beautiful and smart, I didn’t think I was willing to drop all the money needed to make something like her laundry room. That’s when Ronda told me a secret. Her project only cost about $400…I couldn’t believe it and neither will you!

Because Ronda is a busy mom, she turns to creative DIY solutions to speed up her chores and make life easier for her and her family.

But this mother of six really did a number on her 7 square foot laundry room. Now she’s sharing the 8 DIY hacks she utilized to maximize its efficiency and get the job done so much faster.

You can see all of Ronda’s secrets in the video below! Here are just a few of them…

To get started, Ronda decided to stack her washing machine and the dryer. Right off the bat this gave them a lot more room to work with while doing laundry. Now there was actually space to fold clothes and perform other tasks.

Ronda also got her kids involved in the process. Each of the six has their own laundry basket which they keep in their rooms and bring downstairs once it gets filled up. Then the kids sort the dirty laundry into certain containers that Ronda has determined. She washes them and folds them. But instead of hand delivering laundry to her kids, Ronda puts them in a basket that the kids need to pick up.

Since she has two teenage girls, Ronda has to deal with delicate laundry that can’t go into the dryer. In order to accommodate her children, she designed these cool drying racks that include a fan timer that really making the drying process speedy and efficient.

She has an easy method for hanging the kids’ shirts and tops on hangers. This makes it easy for the kids to just transfer it into their closet.

Besides that Ronda has a fold-down ironing board that is created to maximize the laundry room space. It swivels and really meets all of this mother’s needs.

Viewers are in awe by Ronda’s laundry room:

  • “omg I need this laundry room!!..”
  • “I love the planked wall. You’re awesome. Nice.”
  • “Lots of great ideas here!!!  Guess it’s time to look for a set of stackable washer and dryer units.  Our laundry room is about the same size as theirs.”

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