She Went To Clean Her Dog’s Bowl Three Days After He Died, Sees Message He Sent From Heaven

Updated October 28, 2016

Everyone who ever met Bandit, his owner Catie Callaghan and her family included, always described him as a “very good dog.”

The dog always loved to give a hug, snuggle, and be close to his owners. Callaghan admits that Bandit had a close, “special” bond with her father, but the kind dog was “loved by everyone.”

But after Bandit passed recently, Catie got a heartwarming “message” from him that will make you tear up. Scroll down to see what it was…

“We were his fourth home, and we always talked about how we never gave up on him,” Catie told BuzzFeed News.

Because he was old, Bandit underwent many surgeries. Unfortunately, these procedures would be his end. When he underwent surgery for the last time, the 15-year-old dog didn’t wake up again.

Callaghan and her father were distraught. They had never loved an animal as much as Bandit. He was truly part of the family.

But suddenly things took a turn, when Callaghan’s mother received “a sign from doggie heaven.” Her family was overjoyed…

Two days after Bandit passed away, the family was still mourning his loss. But then they looked at his water bowl and saw the message from their beloved pet.

So my 15 year old dog passed away two days ago.. My mom found his bowl like this tonight. Doggie heaven does exist. Love you Bandit❤️

— Catie Callaghan (@_c80_) October 21, 2016

“So my 15-year-old dog passed away two days ago. My mom found his bowl like this tonight. Doggie heaven does exist,” Catie wrote on Twitter. “Love you Bandit.”

As you can see in the image, the bowl had a smiley face in it. The remaining water had formed in just the right way to let the Callaghan family know that Bandit was happy in heaven.

“The bowl was a sign that he’s happy,” Callaghan said. “We even thought the smile looked like his. It was a God wink.”

Catie and her own family are not the only people who are overwhelmed with emotion from the heavenly response.

One Twitter user replied with, “I’m crying, RIP Bandit.”

“Crying my eyes out,” another tweeted, “but it’s fine I’m fine.”

Other people let their hearts show on their sleeves. “I’m so sad,” a user named Dayna wrote.

Because Bandit’s message has gone viral, the Callaghan family is overwhelmed by the public response. They are glad so many people are happy they heard from Bandit.

“My family is extremely happy about how everyone has seen the tweet,” she said. “It warms our hearts and makes us feel good about it.”

“My mom now wants a Twitter account,” she added, laughing.

“I had the same thing! Early 2015; cried on the drive to work because I missed my dog. Looked down & saw this,” indicating a collection of water on her coffee cup that looked like a smiley face.

“I actually have tears in my eyes because of this”

The next time they are all together, this Thanksgiving, the family plans to make a toast to Bandit. That should be a great way to remember him.

How do you think the family should remember their dog? What kind of toast should they propose?

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