She’s About To Toss A Huge Stick In The Ocean. Make Sure You Keep Your Eyes On The Dog

Updated March 3, 2017

What’s your favorite summertime activity? For me going to the beach has to top the list. There’s something so amazing about being with your entire family, including the dog, where the land meets the ocean.

And if you love going to the beach, too, and let’s be honest, who doesn’t, then you’re going to absolutely love watching the funny dog compilation clips. Not only does it include some funny shots of dogs on the beach, it will give your winter self a chance to dream about the warmer days ahead – which are not too far away now.

When I’m at the beach, I feel a deep sense of calm as I disconnect from the world behind me and listen to the roar of the waves. But beaches are also a source of hilarious fun like how this guy sat in the sand to prank other beach goers.

But today, we want to share with you the funniest beach dog videos in one compilation. This video has gone viral for all the right reasons. Watch and you will see why!

Just 8-seconds into the video, you’ll see two dogs playing with a boogie board. As usual, the little guy – who is the dominant dog despite his size – is elegantly riding the floatation device while the bigger pooch pulls him along in the water. Adorable! Especially the little guy’s face.

The next clip is great. Two dogs bound toward the water and then bump at the perfect moment to send the little boy flying into the air and onto the sand. His family finds it funny and claps at his misfortune like good parents should when their child isn’t hurt.

Watch the Dalmatian lose his mind at the 32-second mark in the video. I know I can get a little crazy when I’m near the water too. But nothing like this furry canine who can’t get enough of the sun and waves.

Now the puppy at the 36-second mark just doesn’t know what to do with himself when he sees his young owner buried up to his neck in the sand. You’ve got to see it in action!

However, can any dog top the lazy Dachshund at the 50-second mark? This dog just lies on its back as its owner buries it in the sand.

What does your dog like to do at the beach? Capture it on video and share it with us on Facebook.

More than a million pet lovers have watched this clip. Here are a few of the most popular comments they’ve left behind!

“I wish my dog wasn’t afraid of water. I would’ve love to take him to the beach,” viewer UpsetWhite Wolf wrote.

“Crab abuse!!  I’m reporting this to PETA!!  lol  I cannot believe that dog hiked his leg on that woman!  My god, did she need to be marked?!  hahaha,” Michele W. wrote. As you can tell by her comments, she absolutely loved the fun compilation.

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