She’s Escorted Off Plane, Approaches Coffin Without Realizing Camera’s Filming Her Every Move

Updated March 1, 2017

When passengers aboard the jetliner at Raleigh-Durham International airport in North Carolina noticed something out-of-the-ordinary happening on the tarmac, they quickly took out their cameras to document the moment.

This came after a woman named Tara was escorted off the plane first. The remaining passengers were asked to stay seated. While some of the passengers were upset that Tara got the privilege to get off the plane first, others liked Lisa West Williams knew why.

And Williams was lucky enough to have a window seat with a direct view of what happened next. She saw a coffin, draped with an American flag, being removed from the luggage compartment. Williams swelled with emotion realizing that a soldier had been on board and she hadn’t known.

Then the truth hit her. Tara was the wife of the hero in the coffin. Hot tears collected in the corner of her eyes and then she watched as the widow approached the coffin. Williams barely had the wherewithal to withdraw her camera and take a snap of the special moment…

From her window seat on the plane, Williams watched the widow shuffled over to the coffin. Then with a straight back, she bravely reached out her hand and placed it on top of the coffin. Her husband had died but she would remain strong to honor him.

Tara leaned her head against the coffin. The man inside had been 35-year-old Green Beret Shawn Thomas. He had four children with Tara.

The soldier had been killed in Africa in a vehicular accident on his eight deployment. He lost his life on February 2, 2017.

Lisa shared the emotional video to YouTube. It quickly went viral and earned more than a million views. Now it has spread all over the world.

“It was an honor to fly home with this PATRIOT!” she wrote on Facebook. “God bless his wife and family. There was not a dry eye around me.”

Inside Edition picked up the story and wrote, “Images of Tara Thomas slumped over her Green Beret husband’s coffin have been seen by nearly one million Facebook users. Lisa Williams was aboard a jetliner at Raleigh-Durham International Airport when she filmed the widow placing a hand over the stars and stripes. Passengers were asked to stay seated while Thomas was escorted off the plane. “I cried like a baby,” Williams said. Warrant Officer Shawn Thomas was killed in a vehicle accident in Niger.”

Others wrote the following comments under the video:

“God bless the solider, And his family!” wrote one viewer.

“praying to God everyday I won’t have to go through this,8 more months to go and my husband comes home…”

“He will forever be remembered..Thank you for your service. God bless your family and comfort them in this difficult situation,” wrote Allan Francis Xavier.

“War! What is it good for? Absolutely Nothing!” Yo Stella wrote, echoing the famous song.

What do you think about this special moment caught on camera?

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