Simon Cowell Snickers When An 80-Year-Old Steps On His Stage, But Regrets Everything Once She Sings!

Updated August 25, 2016

After a career built around sarcasm and derision, Simon Cowell has made a name for himself as being the biggest curmudgeon and critic in the room. But over the years, a world-wide audience has witnessed the breaking down of Cowell’s tough demeanor. He has cried when performances touched him, and he has admitted that his first impressions were wrong. Everyone is human and everyone makes mistakes – even Simon Cowell.

So when 80-year-old Janey Cutler to the Britain’s Got Talent stage, Cowell didn’t think anything of her. Although her friends and family had told her she had a lovely singing voice all her life, Cowell didn’t care about their opinions. He demanded that she prove herself to him right then and there…

The mother of seven stood confidently in front of the annoyed judge and began belting out “No Regrets.” Moments after her song began, Cowell realized that he had been wrong to judge her prematurely.

Cutler went on to prove that you are never too old to pursue your dreams.

In the video, she explains why she chose to sing this song in particular, “I like singing…I’ve got a great life, seven kids…”

To Simon’s defense, he is always ready to identify talent – even if it means his initial judgement was inaccurate. He doesn’t hold on to his criticism if they no longer serve the situation. That’s a mark of a very good critic.

Sadly, Janey Cutler died two years after the performance you’re about to see at the age of 82. But before her passing, she made it to the finals of the British reality TV show proving she was one of the most talented singers on the British Isle.

In response to her mom’s passing, her 43-year-old son Drew said, “She was a brilliant mum, granny and great-granny who lived for her family, friends and her dog Tara, who was with her when she died. We were all devastated because we weren’t expecting it. She was always very happy and healthy and very rarely got ill.”

Take a moment to watch Janey’s amazing performance on Britain’s Got Talent, included below for you.

Right before the hosts walk her out on the stage, Simon has a look of utter contempt and annoyance on his face.

As the mark of a true granny, Janey needs to ask Simon to repeat himself as he asks her the basic questions. She is hard of hearing and doesn’t seem to catch his words on the first round. It could also be because the audience is cheering so loudly when they realize the next act is old enough to be their grandmother!

  • “If you don’t mind me asking, Janey, how old are you?” Simon says.
  • “Eighty,” Jane replied, matter-of-factly in her thick British accent.
  • “Janey, why did you audition for the show?”
  • “Well, I like singing so my friend said go for it,” she said.

She begins singing “No Regrets” at the 1:45-mark in the video.

And just a few seconds later, Simon has a look of utter pleasure on his face. He is absolutely impressed by this 80-year-old singer as she proves her mastery of the human voice.

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