Simple Drink Made With Common Kitchen Items Has Literally Erased Her Joint Pain

Updated September 6, 2016

For anyone 50-years-old or older, knee and joint pain is a constant reality. While it might seem like a trivial problem to anyone under fifty, you know how much it interferes with your everyday life.

Knees are one of our most critical joints. They are vital to helping us walk and get around and if they become impeded, our quality of life suffers.

As the human body ages, joint lubrication reduces. This is a natural part of getting older that no one likes to talk about. But the truth is that the tendons and ligaments become more frail, rigid, and supple. Plus, our knee joints are much more likely to get injured.

But there is a natural solution that has worked for a number of people over fifty. It’s a simple drink. And it’s something you make yourself at home.

Learn how to make the natural joint pain remedy with easy-to-find ingredients now!

The joint remedy has been shown to be extremely effective in home-based trials. While not officially tested in a scientific laboratory yet, thousands of people, 50+, swear by it on a daily basis. And if you’re suffering from joint pain, what do you have to lose to try it?

According to one 50-year-old woman who drank this homemade health smoothie, after a few days, her joint pain in her knees vanished…

Imagine that after just a few days, you can walk, jump, squat, and move without any pain. Wouldn’t you drink a healthy smoothie to get that agility back?

But how does this smoothie work? It has to do with its natural ingredients. The items, which you can buy at your local grocery store, are loaded with vitamins and minerals proven to fight joint inflammation and pain.

The smoothie is simply a combination of naturally anti-inflammatory foods. Together they soothe pain and give a vitamin boost to strengthen your ligaments and tendons.

When you mix together the orange juice, pineapple, cinnamon, and more, you benefit from their natural anti-inflammatory properties and their Vitamin-C, bromelain, silicon, and magnesium rich nutrition.

For example, fresh pineapple – one of the core ingredients in this joint pain smoothie – is rich in vitamin C (a vital nutrient for skeletal health) and bromelain (a powerful anti-inflammatory nutrient).

And since this homemade smoothie also includes cinnamon, a powerful anti-inflammatory agent, you’re using nature’s remedy for powerful joint health.

Here’s how to make the amazing natural remedy to ease pain in your joints:

  • 1 cup of orange juice (100% natural)
  • 100 grams organic gelatin
  • 2 cups of diced pineapple
  • 1 cinnamon stick
  • 1 cup of water
  • Raw organic honey (to taste)

In your blender, add the orange juice, pineapple, gelatin, cinnamon, water, and honey. Blend until you get a homogenous mixture.

TIP: Add less water if you want your smoothie to be thicker.

Once all the ingredients are blended together, refrigerate the mixture until it becomes jellified.

To get all the benefits listed in this article, consume this homemade remedy on a regular basis. Adding this simple solution to your daily routine can reduce the pain you feel in your knee joints surprisingly fast.

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