Simple Trick Saved Me $500 From Not Having To Call Handyman To Fix My Squeaky Floors [video]

Updated March 9, 2017

Our homes are supposed to be sanctuaries away from the hustle and bustle of life. When we come home after a long day of work or after a trip, we want to relax and just sink into the peace at home. But sometimes, our house just doesn’t let us.

A faucet won’t stop dripping, the washing machine needs cleaning, or a floorboard is annoying squeaky.

If squeaky floorboards prevent you from enjoying the peace and quiet you deserve at home, you’ve probably thought about calling a handyman to fix them. But who wants to spend money on such a superficial job?

You don’t have to. With the simple fix we’re going to introduce below, you’ll be able to remove the squeaks from your floorboards and enjoy the peace and quiet you’ve wanted all these years. Let’s show you how to get started…

A squeaky floorboard can be such an annoying noise. First, we want to explain why floorboards get squeaky in the first place.

As Travis Larson, from The Family Handyman, explains on MonkeySee’s video, the real problem is “almost always a nail shank rubbing on plywood.”

Because you have a nail underneath the floor causing the noise, what can you do about it? Do you have to remove the entire floor to fix this squeak?

Underneath a regular carpeted floor are several layers. Usually these include a floor joint, subfloor, and particle-barred underlayment that sits directly below your carpet.

The nail causing the sound holds the floor joist – that subfloor is usually made from plywood. So, whenever you walk across the spot, it rubs against the nail causing a squeak.

Now you know what’s causing the squeak. How do you fix it? Like this…

Fix hammer nails into the squeaky area forming a line. When it does not go in easily, you’ve found the floor joist and the home of the squeaky nail.

Remove the probe nails. But leave behind the one that marks the squeaky spot.

You’ll need to cut into your carpet and separate the fibers. Only cut what is necessary.

Now run a screw into the floor joist. Pull the carpet aside as needed. Watch the screw stabilize the sub floor or underlayment – like magic.

Remove the guide nail and replace the carpet. Now enjoy a squeak-free floor.

The video below will show you the visual step-by-step of how to fix a floor squeak.

More than a hundred thousand people watched the video. What do people have to say? Here are a few comments?

“Great Video with instruction,” shared DOLRED.

Some suggest removing the carpet first.

“You can’t just bang nails in all over the place, there might be a gas pipe or electricals under the floorboards, take the carpet up,” shared Chris Moorela.

“most times carpet will grab around that screw and rip out. “

“Sorry, but if you had cut holes in my Axminster carpet just to cut corners, I would be suing you !” wrote Wolfy Wolf.

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