Single Mom Of Five Has No Where To Turn, Prays To God. He Quickly Answers With A Miracle

Updated December 21, 2016

Although many people frown upon single mothers, no one will really understand the struggle of working and raising a family by herself unless it happens to them. According to the U.S. Census there are about 12 million single parent families in the United States as of 2015. And out of those homes, more than 80 percent of them are headed by single mothers. About 25 percent of children under the age of 18 are raised without a fire – that’s about 17.4 million kids. About half of those children live below the poverty line…

Alisha Poss knows the struggles of being a single mother. The emotional hardship and the financial woes. But unlike the average single parent, Poss has five children to raise. She works a full-time job, but still struggles to pay rent and buy food for her energetic family. She knew that she needed to ask for help. Her life was spiraling out of control. She was about to be evicted because she had to buy food instead of pay her rent. She sucked up her pride and turned to God in prayer…

Not long after putting her faith in God to help solve her struggles, an organization called Operation Blessing came into her life. They had been helping people in the community and Poss could benefit.

The organization partners with grocery stores in the area and donates food to those truly in need. Alisha Poss, though working full-time, was truly in need of some extra help.

“Financially it was very hard,” says Alishia.  “I was in a job where I wasn’t making very much money at all.”

Following her intuition and faith, Poss contacted the organization. She was shocked by how quickly they sprung to help her. And it was just in time.

Poss was about to be evicted. She was behind in her rent payments and her landlord was lighting a fire under her.

“I felt like a failure because I couldn’t provide for my children financially the way I needed to,” remembers Alishia.

Because Operation Blessing donated food to Poss and her five children, she didn’t have to struggle to earn money for food every month. That task was taken care of by God and his human helpers.

Instead of shoveling out hundreds of dollars for groceries, Poss put that money to her rent payment. She was able to pay back what she owed and live life ahead of the curve instead of always being in debt.

A simple prayer led to so much hope for this single mother.

“The best part was the prayer room.”

Because she wasn’t so stressed about money and food, she was able to put that energy to finding a better job. God answered her prayer again. Poss got a better paying job and is now able to support her family of five without worrying about bills.

“I’ll help my oldest with his homework. Me and my boys for fun sometimes we go to the park, and we’ll watch a movie and sing to Frozen… we go to the park and we’ll chase each other and swing around,” explains Alishia.

Alisha says Operation Blessing is a real blessing: “That makes me feel great knowing that I can provide for my kids that way, and having help from operation blessing and joseph’s storehouse, it helps tremendously!”

Check out the video below to see what God can do for you!

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