Sister Gets The Best Revenge On Younger Sister, Her Cell Phone Photo Has Gained International Fame

Updated July 11, 2017

Becoming a mother is at once the most natural and the hardest thing any woman will experience. But for one Texas mother, it was also a funny opportunity to introduce her firstborn son into the world, thanks to her older sister and a smart phone.

Twenty year old Kimberly Ramirez was recently admitted to Sierra Providence East Medical Center in El Paso, Texas. She was in labor with her first child and was accompanied by her big sister, twenty seven year old Kat Armendariz.

Ramirez had been in labor for fifteen hours, and her sister had remained by her side the whole time. Kat has already gone through this rite of passage three times herself. She has two sets of twins, one eight years old and one four year old, and a four month old baby.

At around 3:15 in the morning Kat had an idea. She wanted to take a selfie of her in the delivery room. Kat says “I just thought ‘I totally want to take a selfie right now because I’ve already had my turn.’” Kimberly gave her the go ahead and Kat pulled out her smartphone and snapped one off.

Speaking with the Today Show, Kimberly says “I was starting to have labor pains, so it wasn’t pleasant feeling that. I thought the photo was funny and it helped me ease the pain.”

It became an instant hit on Facebook. In stark contrast to a series of elegant maternity pictures she had taken just a couple of months earlier, Kimberly in the background, clutching her face in sheer agony, became the hit of social media.

Her son, Zayden, was born shortly thereafter and is in fine health.

Thanks to social media, it seems like there are all kinds of ways to share the good news of a pending baby these days. But what if you are adopting instead? We took a look at a few ideas on how to share that news with your social circle.

Global Awareness
A globe is a great way to convey your adoptive child’s origins, which is why this family decided to “hug” the native country of their new arrival, Ethiopia.

Worth the Wait
Since adoptions can take forever to come through, an announcement saying “worth the wait!” drives home just how much time and effort you spent on this challenge … and how happy you are that you did.

Special Delivery
To drive home that this baby was truly “delivered” to you rather than, um, homegrown, drive home that “special delivery” theme with a few boxes and shipping labels. Isn’t that sweet?

Missing Piece of the Puzzle
Many families feel that an adoption “completes” their family like a puzzle piece … which is why an announcement about how you’ve “found your missing piece” is a perfect fit.

We Saved You a Seat!
Adoption is often a waiting game — which is why one couple decided to illustrate that point with an empty seat.

Have you ever given birth or adopted? If you have done both, how do they differ and how are the same? Please share your stories with us here.