Snake Tries Attacking Newborn Bunny. Now Wait Until You See Mom Teach Snake A Lesson [video]

Updated April 18, 2017

Parents have an instinct to protect their little ones. Driven by that urge to have their genes be passed down through the generations, parents will stop at nothing to make sure their little ones are safe. And sometimes they put their own well-being at risk to do that.

Parents, who have witnessed a terrible accident, have drawn on remarkable strength – like lifting a car to pry out their trapped toddler. But in the animal kingdom, this phenomenon happens all the time, too. For example, mother moose or hippos are extremely territorial and defensive around their babies.

But the video below shows a mother rabbit doing the unthinkable to rescue her babies. A snake has caught the rabbit’s bunnies and is suffocating them to death to eat them for dinner. But mama rabbit is not ready for that to happen – she steps in to fight for her little ones…

While the video is very sad, it shows just what parents will do to protect their young.

When a family found a snake suffocating baby bunnies, they took out their camera to capture the moment on tape. The camera person zooms in on the snake, which has its body wrapped around the tiny little babies. You can hear the observers speaking about the tragedy in a foreign language.

Then, out of nowhere, the mama rabbit leaps onto the snake and scares it away. The reptile releases its grip on the babies and then moves out. But the mama rabbit is not done with the deadly predator. She leaps at the snake again and forces it further away from her young.

The snake leaves the bunnies and tries to escape. But mama rabbit continues to beat on the snake. She shakes herself and prevents the slithery reptile from wrapping itself around her. Then she kicks at it and forces it away from the small little bunnies.

After one minute of filming, the snake has slithered through the grass and is trying to escape over the wall. But the rabbit is not done with it yet. The rabbit grabs the snake and continues to kick it and beat it.

Millions have watched this epic battle. To think that this mama rabbit is willing to fight a snake for her young – now that is unconditional love.

Here is what some viewers had to say about the shocking clip:

“Loving mother, but it looks like the babies were killed. I hope they recovered, but it doesn’t look like it,” shared OpenSkies11.

“the snake was greedy and started killing them all first rather than eating the ones it killed giving the mother time to come back (not that they have any intelligence at all)” wrote Filip Nikolic.

“I love it how the snake tries to go over the wall but the rabbit is like Hey I’m not done  with you,” wrote Alsy Lps.

What do you think about this video? Is it how you expected the mama rabbit to respond?

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