So Far Everyone Has Passed This Vision Test That Took It. Will You Be The First To Fail?

Updated June 16, 2017

When it comes to our vision, things could always be better. We could see farther, see more detail and discern more colors in our daily lives. But it seems that our eyes are not one thing we have the ability to vastly improve on our own. We can eat more carrots and take proper vitamins, but that only helps preserve the level of eyesight that we currently have. We can’t necessary make our vision better than it is today, unless we use prescription glasses – but that’s another matter completely. However, we can do the best we can with what we have. And one of the best ways to see if your vision is at the top of the charts is to take the test below. Just press play and begin – let’s see if you have the vision of an eagle.

The test shared here is 10 questions long. The task is simple. You need to identify which colored square is in the middle of the grid. While you could take your time and count them out, that would be cheating. You’re supposed to do it quickly relying solely on your visual genius to decipher the true answer.

While the quiz might seem easy at first, it does get harder – just ask the 97 percent of people who fail to get all the answers correct.

As you progress through the ten questions, you’ll find that about halfway through the challenge, a new level of difficult is layered onto the quiz. You’ll be asked to pick the choice that has the colored square in the center – while it is surrounded by other colors. This makes it harder because the other colors are sure to distract your vision from the truth.

But if you get all answer correct, you’ll be proclaimed “Visually Intellectual” a true visual genius. Then you’ll get the following message from PlayBuzz.

“You hit all the centered squares correctly which means that you have an incredible ability to understand what you see, analyze and calculate it immediately. On top of that, you’re very patient when you need to be and that gives you the peace of mind to actually concentrate and reach the right conclusion instead of giving up and pick a random solution. All these indicate that you’re officially smarter than most of the population. That’s pretty impressive and you should be proud of yourself!!”

Fail to get all the answers right and you’ll find a message claiming “You are almost there.” But are you?

Many people have taken this quiz and found it difficult. Others – the top 3 percent of people – have been able to prove their visual genius.

Some people claim it is too easy.

One visual genius named Matt Dengler said, “It’s one of those “everyone gets a trophy tests” I was really hoping for something a little more challenging. Well, a LOT more challenging.”

“Why do they make all thelse alleged brain teasing challenges so easy ? Is there a reason the associated advertisers want you to have an inflated sense of self importance? Clearly , though for what specific purpose I confess not to know, there must be an ulterior motive,” wrote Facebook user Bradley McCreary.

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