So Far No One Can Spot The Camouflaged Armed Soldier Hiding In Plain Sight In This Photo. Can You?

Updated September 8, 2016

A new video from YouTuber Brent0331 has stumped the internet after it was uploaded recently. Not only is this video a brain teaser, but it also demonstrates how adept the United States military is. Professionals learn how to adapt to the terrain they are working with and protect themselves with the state-of-the-art camouflage equipment available today.

Recently, we’ve challenged you to spot a cat relaxing among a stack of firewood. We’ve also asked you to find the hidden tiger in a photograph. But this challenge hits closer to home for many veterans and military supporters.

While some animals are born with camouflage abilities, humans have to create them for ourselves. Check out the video at the bottom of this post and see if you can spot the military soldier before he moves…

When the 1:47-video starts, you see a wooded scene with trees, brush, and dried grass. The chirrup of crickets and other insects hisses in your ears.

But while this might look like a peaceful scene, there is actually an armed soldier hiding in plain sight. Just watch for a few more seconds and he’ll move. You probably won’t be able to guess where he is until he makes his move.

The clip below is just a segment of Brent0331’s extensive work with camouflage. The military enthusiast has released more than 70 videos demonstrating different country’s modes of camouflage. These include Dutch DPM Camouflage, Czech VZ 95 Camouflage, Russian KZS Camouflage in two parts, Chinese Type 07 Arid Camouflage, and many more.

In Brent’s most recent camouflage effectiveness video where he tests the Dutch DPM camouflage, he wrote the following in the video description:

“In this video we look at the effectiveness of Dutch DPM camouflage in a Woodland Environment during the Spring / Summer time (North Texas woods). This video will consist of numerous scenes where each will begin with a concealed stationary position (both with & without the use of vegetation), followed by a movement phase out of the initial position. The purpose of the video is to give the viewer a chance to see the individual camouflage pattern and how it looks and blends into this environment. There will be varying degrees of how much of the uniform will be exposed to the viewer. Some scenes will only expose little more than perhaps a boonie hat, while other scenes will have virtually no vegetation covering.”

The man takes his military passion seriously and aims to do justice to the camouflage equipment from various military outfits around the world.

Viewers aren’t afraid to share their opinions in the comments:

  • “I don’t know exactly why but I find the Dutch DPM much more effective than the British. Maybe less intense colors? The ambush scenes were awesome. No chance spotting the guy if he does not move.”
  • “I think this stuff is perfect for this environment. I don’t really see either of you until you start moving.”

Others thought the Dutch camo wasn’t as good.

“I spotted you out before you moved almost every time, but it works very well and i doubt someone would spot you unless they were actively looking for a person in camouflage”

Can you find the armed military man in the video below!

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