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So Far No One Has A Sound Explanation For What Security Camera Caught Inside A Bar

Do you believe in ghosts? This video footage might just be all the proof you need. Unless you’re a total skeptic, in which case, have a laugh.

A new video is going viral, showing a potentially haunted bar. The owner of a Ventura County, California bar and restaurant named Cronies shared the spooky footage caught on surveillance video after he arrived to find a bar stool on the ground. Certainly the video footage would reveal what happened. He never could have imagined this totally ghostly event, however.

The stool fell, all by itself, as if a ghost had knocked it over.

The footage showed another chair in the restaurant leaning back, though no one was seated in it. That chair even moved while customers were in the restaurant, with a woman, clearly in disbelief, seen checking out the chair to rule out any fakery.

Dave Foldes, Cronies co-owner, told CBS LA: “For this to happen it’s pretty creepy,” adding, “It’s just really weird. We’ve been here 27 years, nothing weird like this has ever happened.”

Customers weren’t spooked in the least, with one noting, “It’s just funny. Interesting.” Another explained, “I’m okay until it’s my chair that moves.”

The owner then gave a tour of some of the restaurant’s photographs, pointing to employees and customers who had passed away. Foldes noted, “We have a lot of good spirits here. I like to think so anyway.” Two men, in particular, were their first originals, who introduced him to his wife and died 25 years ago. Foldes explained, “whenever something funny happens, we always blame it on them.”

Those commenting on the Daily Mail’s coverage of the spooky incident weren’t buying it, however, with comments such as: “prank central,” “maybe casper finished his invisible meal and was leaving,” “FAKE,” and “Rubbish.”

Another person believed, “It’s the mysterious case of the haunted fishing line!!,” while another commenter added: “Great PR. And also a load of cobblers.” Another person noted the same, saying, “Explanation – massive free advertising.”

One commenter, however, offered this opinion: “Once you’ve seen stuff move yourself, you can’t automatically accept the debunking explanations of those who weren’t there.”

This person offered another perspective, writing: “I really hope if someday I am a ghost, I have something better to do than knock over bar stools. I mean, how boring is that? I can do that now. I want to be able to do scary crap when people are watching. Like maybe knocking a bar stool over when someone is sitting on it.”

Another agreed, writing: “I’ll say it again — ghosts need to get a life.” And another wrote: “Don’t you think ghosts would have something better or scarier to do?”

When one person commented: “Forget an expensive advertising campaign. Just use your existing security cameras and a little bit of fishing line to reel them in!,” another commenter responded: “They don’t need that. Cronies is really popular in Ventura County.”

One commenter on the news coverage video of the spooky sighting believed it was perfectly timed for Halloween, noting: “Right before Halloween? Yeah, Cronies in Ventura staged this publicity stunt for sure.”