So Far No One That Took This Was Smart Enough To Pass It, Will You Be The First?

Updated September 14, 2017

While the latest puzzle craze sweeping the internet might look like a page from an adult coloring book, it poses a much bigger challenge than you’d suspect. Although it is composed of simple dots filled in with various colors, it is actually a test that measures how perceptive you are.

And since this brainteaser went live on the internet, it has been a conundrum for millions of quizees. Like the apple, banana, coconut math question, this brainteaser asks you to think outside the box and stretch your senses.

Are you ready to partake in this 8-level challenge? Scroll down to play now!

This quiz called the hit-the-dot quiz first premiered on Playbuzz just days ago. But it has been a source of stress and intrigue as it challenges players to use their critical thinking skills to slove the problem.

The task sounds simple. Identify the dot that is exactly in the middle.

But this easy-sounding challenge actually requires much more concentration and spacial awareness than you’d suspect.

Through each of the eight levels of the test, you need to pick the dot that’s in the middle. But don’t let it fool you, you’ll get tricked and thrown off by the different colors and patterns.

Since the number of dots increases each time, by the end you’ll have to sift through more than 400 at a time to solve the puzzle. Happy quizzing…

“Gave up tried it 3 times kept going back to the beginning,” one frustrated player admitted.

You have a choice between eight of the colored dots at the center of the puzzle. But that actually makes it harder to decide. Their patterns and flashiness throw things off in your head.

Those lucky enough and smart enough to get the answers correct get a golden, shiny, and special prize at the end.

Playbuzz notifies their select-few winners that they are:

“Officially smarter than others” Because “You hit all the dots correctly which means that you have an incredible ability to understand what you see, analyze, and calculate it immediately.

“On top of that, you’re very patient when you need to be and that gives you the peace of mind to actually concentrate and reach the right conclusion instead of giving up and pick a random solution. All these indicate that you’re officially smarter than most of the population.

“That’s pretty impressive and you should be proud of yourself.”

So how do you hold up? Did you get all the answers correct? Tell us the truth in the comments. Not many people can do this…

Here’s what some viewers wrote on Daily Mail about this quiz:

“All you do is to draw two diagonal intersecting lines which pass through the centre, that’s not hard.”

“There is something very wrong here, that was beyond easy, even I got them all right, and instantly too. Is this a joke? Or am I the new King of perception?”

Do you get a kick out of brain teasers like this?

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