Soldiers Over Take ISIS Strong Hold, Give Terrorist What They Had Coming To Them

Updated July 18, 2017

In the never ending nightmare that Iraq has become over the last fifteen years, there have been no shortages of villains and heroes on every side. Now, new video has surfaced that purports to show Iraqi soldiers summarily executing captured unarmed IS fighters. Please note: this video is graphic and may not be suitable for some viewers.

A short video has emerged that claims to show Iraqi government soldiers executing captured IS fighters near Mosul.

In the clip, a number of uniformed soldiers are shown harassing an IS fighter, and then taking him to the top of a building. Shortly thereafter, they throw the man several stories to the ground. Then the men open fire on his broken body.

It has been reported previously that IS fighters execute suspected homosexuals in a similar manner.

The video is horrific and depicts the awful nature of the conflict ripping the once stable nation apart.

A spokesperson for Iraq’s Interior Ministry told the BBC that, if the video is genuine, the soldiers will be “brought to justice.”

International human rights groups have reported that there have been several instances of Iraqi government soldiers committing torture and summary executions as retribution.

In one instance, an Iraqi officer named Falah Aziz boasted that he had personally beheaded at least fifty IS fighters and felt “at ease” with his actions.

Human rights activist and senior researcher at Human Rights Watch,” Belkis Wille told the BBC “In the final weeks of the battle for west Mosul, the pervasive attitude that I have observed among armed forces has been of momentum, the desire to get the battle wrapped up as quickly as possible, and a collapse of adherences to the laws of war. These reports have been met with congratulations from Baghdad on the victory, only further fostering the feeling of impunity among armed forces in Mosul.”

Iraqi government troops backed by the US have been engaged in a brutal campaign to liberate the city of Mosul from IS occupiers who have held the city since 2014. Baghdad has declared the city liberated, but there is still house to house fighting in parts of the city where as many as a hundred IS fighters continue to resist.

In 2003 the United States invaded Iraq on the grounds that President Saddam Hussein had provided material support for Al Qaeda, and that he was stockpiling illegal weapons of mass destruction. After his regime was toppled and his dominant Ba’ath party was dissolved, a US led international force attempted to restructure the government and fashion a more western style democracy. In 2007, terms for withdrawal were drawn up, and by 2011, most US and international forces had left the fragile new country. During the so called Arab Spring of 2012, protests by minority groups created conditions which allowed IS, an international terror group, to invade the country. They swept through much of Iraq and have been engaged in fearsome conflict with the US backed Iraqi government ever since.

What do you think should happen to the soldiers who participated in this execution? What do you think the future of Iraq will be? Please share your thoughts with us here.