Some Experts Believe Michelle Obama Is Planning On Running For Senate. Will She Win?

Updated June 16, 2016

Many people are more than familiar with the utmost popular first lady, Michelle Obama.  She has created big waves throughout the nation during the time that she was in the White House, and might continue to do so.

Though the four years might be almost up for Barrack Obama, time might still play out for Michelle because many are thinking that she has a great possibility for running for the senate.

There are many factors pointing to this possibility, and people are eager to know what her plan is as soon as possible.

Not much has come forward about Michelle running for office because the media has been asking the wrong questions all along.  They keep asking the Obama family if Michelle will run for office, though they continuously reply that she will not.

A run for senate is much more probable though for a variety of reasons.

First and foremost, Michelle Obama states that she hates living in the White House.  She says that while living there, you get monitored, watched, recorded all the time, and the environment is stressful and non welcoming.

In addition, Michelle has extremely high approval ratings from most of the country.  No matter where they decide to finally settle in, she already has good ground in her campaign for senate.

Michelle also carries a whole truckload of qualifications under her belt. She has a Harvard law degree, as well as being an assistant to Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daly as well as an Assistant commissioner for planning and development.  She was executive director or Public Allies in Chicago, and was named as a model AmeriCorps program by President Bill Clinton.

In addition to all these factors, people can tell that Michelle wants to make a lasting change on the world for the better.  Because she is only 52 years old, she can last a long time in her job serving in the senate which can really give a boost to the political community.

Michelle also gave infamous graduation speeches, and one in particular that riveted the young community.  She spoke of how each person in the crowd of varying color, culture, and faith is an individual who is important in our society, and brought many to to tears when she said that there was no better way to celebrate this country than by being with all you here today.

People’s hearts are being captured by Michelle Obama as she is continuing to make a huge political splash across the country.

She is also encouraging youth to go out and vote, and telling them how important it is that they take and play an active role in the government system in our country.

She speaks of voting at many school graduations, and inspires people to go out and be active, fruitful members of society.  When they go to vote, they will probably have a strong preset positive sentiment if Michelle runs for senate.

What do you think of these suspicions of Michelle running for senate?  Let us know in the comments below.